What type music will give best quality sound?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are some who consider the high resolution music as the best way of possible experiencing music. Although this may be right, it is also worth giving the ALAC, FLAC, 320 MP3s and CDs a try as these can really sound good. Before getting down in to any further details, you need to understand that the gear used in recording, mixing and mastering music determines the quality of the resulting music. In addition to the machines, the artistry together with the skill possessed by the engineers responsible for the production also plays an important role in the sound quality of that given piece of music. These factors are of far much importance in the production of music than what the release format does.

If the production of the music was crap, you don’t expect to have a better sound than crap. For instance, if you do some great MP3 recording, the resulting sound will absolutely be better than the overly processed and compressed one such as a 192 kHz sample, 24 bit FLAC.

It may be too abstract to grapple with the high resolution audio concept and it would be therefore more sensible to make a comparison to the high definition TVs. These produce more vivid and sharper images than the standard resolution Televisions but transferring a blurry old movie to a 1080P Blu-ray will not make the video any clearer. Therefore, if the video is murky, it will not be made any better by a high definition TV.

High resolution files happen to be slightly more expensive than CDs or standard definition files are. These files are available from several websites in the internet. The question is, “is the cost of the high resolution files worth every single penny?” the answer to this question is dependent on a number of other factors. One of these factors includes the kind of headphones you have. Are your speakers and headphones of great or rather decent features? The high resolution audio have got great benefits making them to be pretty subtle. You need to listen to this music for you to appreciate the extra details.

Mastering is a tricky art that need some factors to be put in order. If the recording is not good, high resolution mastering cannot be possible. The recording therefore has to be so good for the music to benefit from the high resolution mastering. This is in order for the audio to present a clearer window making it a real thrill.

Below are some of the various audio formats

  • MP3 is inarguably the most popular among the audio formats today. It was the first and therefore the oldest format among the lossy compression pieces of music. MP3 is capable of achieving transparent quality at about 192kbps-246kbps on most staples. The greatest advantage of the MP3 format is its compatibility with most software together with portable music players. However, its sound quality is not among the best.
  • Advanced Audio Coding or AAC is relatively a new format in the market.  This format has been made popular by the Apple devices. This is because till now, though not an apple product, only apple devices are playing this format. At any bit rate, the Advanced Audio Coding will sound better than the MP3.  Take a 128 kbps MP3 file and compare it with a 128 kbps AAC file and you will realize that the former is inferior to the latter. WMA is also a better solution and an answer to MP3. This is exclusive to Microsoft devices alone. Though not supported by the Apple’s iPod, it has the convert feature that converts WMA to AAC/MP3 files to be used in iPods.
  • FLAC is good format that can be used by any computing platform save for iPod and iTunes. It also has good quality music.
  • Of all the audio formats, WAV is just the best format to use for typically uncompressed audio.  This is regardless of the fact that its popularity is reducing with time. Its popularity is reducing not because of the sound quality but because of the size of the uncompressed files. Because of the popularity of internet file sharing, the WAV files are reducing in popularity because of their large sizes. However, it is used by many who are interested in quality due to its purity i.e. file type, lossless as well as suitability of retention of the first generation high quality archived files. It is also the best format to be used where your require high fidelity sound and there is no restriction in the disk space.

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