Top 9 Best Headphones Under 50 Dollars In 2017

You do know that headphones can become a big part of your life and you would use it to listen to music often. However, you don’t want to pay a lot of money to get excellent headphones. Then, the top 10 best headphones under 50 dollars as below will give you a acceptable quality with affordable price. Take a review on them:

Brief Review Best Headphones Under 50

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
Koss PortaPro Headphones
SSennheiser HD 202 II

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xbuybottom

My Rating:4.4 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Impressive build quality – Anyone looking to make the most out of the headphones would need one with better construction. You get that when buying these headphones. Thanks to the build quality, they can last for a long time.
Tuned for performance – a lot of features go into making sure that the headphones you get deliver on performance. The use of 40 mm drivers with the copper clad aluminum wire, you get the right sound you have always wanted from headphones.
Perfect fit around the ears – for the headphones to feel worth the expense, they have to be comfortable. This is something you can always enjoy after buying these headphones. The use of the circumaural design makes it possible for the headphones to contour around the ears.
Great for noise isolation – These headphones might not have the active noise cancelling circuit, but they are still great for noise isolation. They should make it possible for you to enjoy listening to music even in loud environments.

2. Sol Republic 1211-02 | Best fashionable headphones

Sol Republic 1211-02 buybottom

My Rating:4.1 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Top quality sound – V8 sound engine uses powerful audio driver which will reproduce the clear sound and deep bass as much as possible.
Replaceable headbands and cable – You can remix easily them.
In-Line 3-Button Remote & Mic – This fearture will help you can control the sound and answer phone call by one hand. It’s really useful when you are driving a car or motorbike.
The design is very fashionale.
Compatible with many device by using 3.5mm plugin. [Read full our review for more detail]

3. Sony MDRXB400

Sony MDRXB400buybottom

My Rating:4.4 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Sliding Design – This design is very attractive and unique. It is also firm whenever you need to make some adjustments on your head. This feature is loved by many users because of the comfort it offers.
Performance – Sony is not just another average headphone. They do not just look well, but also performs really well, most especially with that big bass while making sure that the voice is not distorted when dealing with the mids and the highs. The lows are amped up, with highs that are unaffected and crisp.
Flat Cable – The 1.2 meter cable is flat which comes with little ridges which help in preventing it from tangles. The connection that separates the right and left cable feels really strong, while the cable still feels really durable, and not likely to stretch.
Summary : The Sony MDRXB400/BLU Extra Bass headphone has been accepted positively by many users these days, especially to those who love music so much. As a matter of fact, it has gained a good performance rating among different users, backing up its reputation of providing good quality sound.

4. Koss PortaPro Headphone

Koss PortaProbuybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Audio Experience – You can be sure that listening to the Koss PortaPro can make you feel relaxed because the sounds that you will hear are laidback.
Durability – The fact that it has been around for a long period of time makes it more trusted than others.
Wearing Comfort – Lightweight and comfortable to be placed up to a certain period of time
Convenience : One thing that you can say with this portable audio player is it can easily be folded and hooked so that when you need to bring it with you when you travel, you will not have any issues with using this at all. [Read Full Review For Detail]

5. Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

Sennheiser HD 202buybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Great Bass Sounds – You can expect that if you listen to songs with a lot of bass sounds, this will be perfect for you.
Portable – You may not think that it is portable in the beginning but bringing it around with you is actually quite easy. Just remember to take good care of it so that you will not encounter any problems while you are using it.
Strong Build – You can tell that it is durable because of how it is made.
Total Harmonic Distortion of <0.5% – This makes it highly ideal for music pros and for DJs who would need to hear great sounds each time these headphones are used.

6. Monoprice 108323 Premium

Monoprice 108323 Premiumbuybottom

My Rating:4.1 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Great for DJ – If you are a professional DJ, then you could use these headphones to have a great time spinning the tunes. The headphones have been made to be rugged and comfortable at the same time. This means you get to use them for long hours without any problem.
Comfortable earpieces – The earpieces sometimes determine just how long you can enjoy listening to music through the headphones. You are lucky enough that these earpieces are equipped with the best padding that will keep you feeling comfortable each time when using them.
Highly compatible – The next time you have to listen to music from various sources, it is possible with these headphones. They can work with virtually almost all media devices. You can use it to listen to music from phones and other audio devices.

7. Panasonic RP-HTX7-K1

Panasonic RP-HTX7-K1buybottom

My Rating:4.0 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Dynamic Sound – The RP-HTX7-K1 headphone model draws heavily on its monitoring roots, thus delivering highly accurate sound with intricate detail from an end of the sound spectrum to the other. Thus, you will certainly enjoy a balanced sound quality, with amazingly placed mids and high tones which stay true to the original record.
Retro Design – This design is award winning, as it uses classic finishes and materials. It comes with a very distinct appearance so it does not just sound good, but also looks good at the same time. There are seven different colors that you can choose from, allowing you to select the one that best represents your personality.
Comfortable and Lightweight – This model has a 5.4 oz feather light weight minus the cord, featuring an easy fit, soft headband. It also snugs comfortably, staying put to make sure that ambient noise are kept out.
Summary : Overall, if you are looking for a headphone that can offer you with affordability and comfort combined, together with the amazing features highlighted above, this RP-HTX7-K1 model from Panasonic is a great option for you.

8. JVC HARX700 Precision Sound

JVC HARX700buybottom

My Rating:4.4 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Impedance – The HARX700 model comes with higher impedance. As such, it produces better sound quality as compared to its sibling, the HARX300.
Frequency Response – This headphone is also equipped with a larger range of pitch frequency, along with higher treble and lower bass output.
Noise Cancelling Feature – A good, modern headphone is often measured according to its capability to cancel unnecessary outside noise. The JVC HARX700 model does just that.
Summary : All in all, the JVC HARX700 model for headphone is an amazing choice if you want to have a good quality over-the-ear headphone which boasts of its noise cancelling feature. It is also comfortable to use, with functional, simple, yet durable design.


TASCAM TH02-Bbuybottom

My Rating:4.1 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Foldable design – the next time you have to get on a road trip, you can always carry these headphones with you. Portability is made to be easier thanks to the foldable design. If you are not using them, you can always fold them and have them carried in the bag.
Comfortable – The manufacturer understood the importance of having comfortable headphones at all times. You get a tightly stitched and padded headband. The same can be said for the ear cups. This means that you end up with comfortable headphones that work amazing.
Closed back design – If you like using closed back headphones, then these ones should be your next set of headphones. The design is important so that you end up with crisp highs and a rich bass response. It is not the same for the open back design where even other people can listen to your music.

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