Tips on Choosing the Best Pair of DJ Headphones


DJ headphones

Among the most important pieces in a DJ kit is a pair of DJ headphones. To mix music well in a set, create your music, or just listen to your favorite music, the best pair of headphones will certainly enhance the entire experience.  If you are a DJ, your headphones definitely need to meet a set of requirements. As such, the following are some tips that you can take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best DJ headphones.

10 tips to choosing the best pair of DJ headphones

1. Ensure Comfort

For most DJs, comfort can be considered as among the most important things that should be given consideration. After all, you will be wearing them for several hours. Therefore, it is important that they feel really good on your ears. They should not be too big/small, too tight, or too loose on your ears. At the same time, when they are just hanging on your neck, instead of on your ears, the band should not catch or chafe. Also, the lead should not dig or catch as you move your head.

2. Choose a “Closed-Back” Design

closed back design

These types of headphones are the ones that come with solid design instead of an open casing surrounding the ear pieces. This design can ensure that the background noise can be isolated as possible from the headphones. This is highly important when doing your DJ tasks because when cuing up your next track, you have to hear it really well. This may not be possible with an open backed headphones, as it may have to involve the need to push the volume to levels that can be ear damaging.

3. Check Whether they are Loud Enough

If you are DJing in a club, you may have already observed that clubs are very loud areas. A pair of headphones which may sound fine at home may turn out to be not enough inside a club. At the same time, some DJ kits do not come with the loudest output volumes for headphones either. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your headphones are clear and loud enough at high volumes. Some experts recommend that headphones should accentuate all highs and lows of the frequency range. Others, however, put emphasis on just being loud and clear.

4. Invest on a Good One

As blunt as it may be, cheap headphones are doomed to break easily. They may be yanked or trodden on, and break easily. These headphones often go through a great deal of stress exposure. You may just end up stuffing them inside your bag in a hurry, splash some beer on them, or even be sweated for several hours.  Indeed, headphones live a hard life. However, by choosing ones that are well-made and designed for hard use, you can expect a good lifetime for your headphones.

5. Consider Isolation

In a very loud environment, with the sound of bass just booming all around, it is highly important that your pair of headphones allow you to precisely listen to the music that you are working on. Of course, you want to have the ‘cans’ cutting out all of the background noise as effectively as possible.

6. Identify Your Mixing Style

Among the most common ways in which you use a pair of headphones is with an ear on, with one off. This is a standard technique that is used by DJs for mixing, since the ‘off’ ear will listen to the monitor speaker, while the other ‘on’ ear monitors the other one. Several models of DJ headphones also have the capacity to spin the earpieces so that they will be out of the way as you wear them. However, keep in mind that they may not be essential. You can simply work out on the best comfortable way in which you wear them as you consider when you are mixing.

7. They Should Come With a ¼” Jack

This jack is the plug of the DJ headphones. If this is the size of your iPod plug, it is an 1/8” jack. As such, you need to use a converter in order to plug it in to most controllers and DK mixers.

8. Choose Ones That Are Portable Enough

For any digital DJ, choosing a pair of headphones that can easily fit inside your gig bag, together with your controller, laptop, as well as other essentials should be taken into consideration. With this, it is very important to ensure that you consider where you plan to store them as you are always on the move.

9. The Looks Really Count

Whether you like it or not, the tasks of DJing involve getting looked at. It is an actual performance with you standing in front of a lot of people. They are not just listening to your music, but they are also watching you, literally. As such, there is a need for great looking DJ headphones.

10. A Good Storage Bag for Them

If you do DJing for a living, it is very important to ensure their safety. If there is a need for you to travel a lot, simply stuffing up your headphones inside any bag might just damage it. As such, it is very important to prepare a good storage bag, so that your headphones will be protected against pressure.


By taking all these tips into consideration, you can be assured, not just of overall comfort while mixing your music and doing other DJ tasks, but also getting one that is great to look at, and does everything that you need to do with it. Of course, this may come with a price, but you can simply consider it as an investment on your part. Cheap options may face the problems of getting broken easily, which may require you to replace your headphones regularly. This may turn out to be more expensive than getting a good one with a high price. After all, you can still be assured that you are getting the quality out of every penny spent.

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    My fiance is a DJ and needs to get new headphones. Thanks for the advice about how you should invest in a good pair that can go through a lot of stress. Another thing to consider is to get headphones that have a warranty.

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