Thinksound ms01 Monitor with Passive Noise Isolation


Thinksound ms01
Thinksound MS01 Monitor Sound Quality
Reviewed by: Anh Vu Design
Published on: March 18, 2015 Confortable
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When you think about the earbuds that you are going to place on your ears, what do you usually look for? You may look for the standard things like the quality of sound, design and affordability but what if you would be presented with something different from what you are accustomed to? Such as is the case with Thinksound’s ms01 In – Ear Monitor.

Basically, these earbuds are meant to be used by individuals who would like to drown out the sound from the outside and just focus on the songs that they truly want to hear. The main aim of this is to make sure that musicians will be able to have great earphones that will enable them to hear the sounds that they want to listen to. The moment that these earbuds are placed on the ears, you will know what you have been missing all along.

The 8mm drivers inside the phones or the earbuds are working at 18Hz to 20 kHz. This means that people who would get to hear the earphones will be delighted with the outside noise isolation feature. The music that will be heard through the earphones will be truly different from what is expected out of them.

Pros Pros
  • Environment Friendly : Although there may be other headphones that claim that they are also good for the environment. This can be legitimately good for the environment because they use recycled cardboards as well as a small amount of plastic.
  • No Tangle Cables : One of the greatest problems of people when they are using their headphones is that the cables tend to get tangled so they will be harder to use. The no tangle cables are great because they can be used immediately without having to spend time trying to untangle all the cables together.
  • Great Sound : A lot of people have already said that they think the sound of this In – Ear headphones is truly good. They know that it will be hard for them to find other headphones that can also offer that type of sound. The accurate studio sound is apparent through the headphones. People can expect the bass, mids and highs to all sound superb.
  • Comes with Four Fittings : For people who usually have problems with ear phones because the ones they purchase just do not fit right, this product comes with four fittings that will allow the headphones to have the perfect fit when placed on the ears.
  • Ultra Lightweight Design : Having this on your bag will not be a problem because it does not add much weight. It also has all the subtle details that make it a good earbuds.
Cons Cons
  • Some Tips Still Do Not Stay On : Although it already comes with 4 earbud tips, there are still some people who are unable to find the right tip for them. This can always be remedied by purchasing other tips that can fit well.
  • Not For Doing Various Activities : If you plan on using this headphones when you are about to go running or jogging or when you need to go to the gym, this might not be the perfect headphones to use since they can fall from your ears very easily.

What’s In The Box

thinksound ms01

As expected from this product, this comes with four sizes of flexible silicone ear inserts. The size all vary so that it can help adjust the earbuds depending on the size of your ear. This also comes with a cord clip to easily place on the clothes that you wear to help support the earphones.

This also comes with a cotton carrying pouch to enable you to bring it with ease. No need to rummage inside your box just to find the ear phones so that you can start listening to music. The pouch will also help keep them safe from the other items inside your bag.
Active Lifestyle Hooks are also included in the box and this will allow the earphones to stay on ears longer if you would need to.

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If you are searching for In Ear earbuds that will help you out when you are listening to your favorite music, listening with the use of these earbuds can be a whole new experience that you just have to feel. They come with a limited 1 year warranty which means that you can be guaranteed to use it well for a year. It can last longer too depending on how you take care of it.


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