Sony MDR 7506 Professional

Sony MDR 7506 Professional Review
Sony MDR 7506 Professional Sound Quality
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Published on: February 7, 2015 Comfortable
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There are instances when you get confused because of the various selections of headphones available. It is true that searching for the right headphones can be confusing and daunting for people who do not even have a clue about what they should look for.
If you live and breathe music, you only deserve headphones that will allow you to embrace it further. If you think about choosing headphones now, you know that you cannot just choose anything that you would like to have. Rather, what you should do is make sure that you will scrutinize the headphones that you will find such as Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone. Would you like to know if it has what it takes to be the headphones you will use for a long period of time? Read on to find out more.

What does the Sony MDR 7506 bring to you?

Pros Pros
  • Lightweight – When travelling, there is something about lightweight headphones that make them more desirable than heavy ones. These headphones are surprisingly lightweight despite the fact that they have a great build design.
  • Great Bass Response – If you are into listening to music with a lot of bass, you will not get disappointed with the sound quality that you will achieve with the use of these headphones. You will hear the bass you want to hear.
  • Noise Isolation – No need to worry about getting distracted from all the other sounds that you might hear especially when you are not using these headphones professionally because the moment that you place it over your ear, you know that you will not hear outside sounds anymore.
  • Very Easy to Customize – If you are the type of person who would love to change up a few details about the headphones, you will not get disappointed with these headphones as they can be customized depending on what you want.
  • Clear and Detailed Sound – If you have never tried other headphones in the same price range before, you will be blown away by the sounds that you will hear. All the details that are lost in other headphones will be very easy to hear with the use of these headphones.
Cons Cons
  • Non Detachable Cable – If there is one problem with this product, it is the fact that the cord that is quite long cannot be detached from the headphones. This can make it harder to use nonprofessionally especially if you would not use it at home.

Features of Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Why do you think is it important for you to get to know the features of headphones? It is because you have to know if the headphones that you are looking at has all the essential features that will let you know if it is the right one for you or not. Here are some of the features you can expect to get from these headphones.

  • Neodymium Magnets and 40 mm Drivers – This feature will ensure that you will only get powerful and detailed sounds no matter what type of songs you usually listen to.
  • 9.8 Foot Coiled Cord – The fact that the cord is coiled means that it is more durable than the usual cords. It is also very long which makes it ideal to be used in the professional setting although you can also use it at home.
  • Folds Up – Unlike other headphones that you would have to bring as is when you are travelling, you can easily old up these headphones and place it on the soft case that it comes with, this means that it will take up less space than other headphones.
    Sony MDR 7506 Professional Review
  • Closed Ear Design – No need to worry about other people hearing what you are listening to since the design is closed ear. External noises that might distract you from the sounds that you will hear will also be lessened.
  • Great Build Quality – You can tell the moment that you look at it that the various materials used in order to make the product are great and they can last for a long period of time.

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You have to remember that when it comes to headphones, you always have to search for one that will address your needs. If you believe that Sony MDR7506 addresses all of the things that you are searching for then you will not have any problems trying to make this work.


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