Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones Review

Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass

Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass

Sound Quality







        • - Cord is made to be tangle free
        • - Comfortable for long listening sessions
        • - Ear-buds do not easily fall out


        • - Lack a microphone

        A company such as Sony has been known all over the world for making the best devices. It can be a phone, stereos and now the headphones. For people who appreciate better sound quality, they would often think of Sony products first. If you are yet to experience such sound quality, today we get to review one of the most talked about Sony MDR-XB90EX headphones. This type of model for a long time has always assured the users of ending up with the right sound for the money. To learn more about what these headphones can do, check out its top features below.

        Review of Sony MDR-XB90EX Headphones

        Pure bass experience

        Sony MDR-XB90EX

        Of course, the sound quality would be a major concern for a buyer. Anyone would want to spend money on a product that can deliver good sound quality, especially for the headphones. Sony included its new Advanced Direct Vibe Structure technology, which just offers the best sound quality. The new technology gives your headphones a realistic bass that is not so hurting to the ears. The previous model had the issue of having more bass that could overshadow the other instruments and vocals. The new model comes fine-tuned with better sound outputs, making you enjoy the music even more.

        Maximum comfort

        Sony MDR-XB90EX


        Comfort in the headphones has always been a major factor to keep in mind for most users. They would always want to be assured of the comfort before they can think about buying the model. If you compare this model with its predecessor, you get that this one is more comfortable on a whole new level. The manufacturer included new design features such as reducing weight, change the vertical ear-in design of the headphones among many other features. The new design is also seen to keep the ear-buds from easily falling out whenever using them.

        Great build

        Most people would often go for comfort and forget about the headphones’ construction. The construction in this case deals with the material used to make the headphones and how it affects its durability. The build will often be preferred if it can last longer making sure that the user can enjoy it for longer. For this Sony MDR-XB90EX model, you get headphones with solid build quality that feels durable. It might be plastic, but it is hard plastic, meaning you get to experience better durability.

        Still on its build, the design is quite acceptable by many users. The manufacturer built the headphones with the Y-type cable. Such a cable should feel more practical to wear as compared to when you would use the once with one earbud going around the neck.

        Tangle free cords

        Think of situations when you had to deal with tangled headphones. It is a common problem that many people today face because of a poor design. Most of the time, you might end up with headphones that no longer work because of the regular tangling. Whenever the headphones end up tangled, there are chances that you might end up with broken cables inside the cover. When this happens, then your headphones will no longer work the way you want. The new Sony MDR-XB90EX model gives you a chance to forget about the issues of tangling.

        Sony created this model with a tangle-free serrated cord. The idea is to keep your cord from easily tangling thus giving it a longer durability. The manufacturer made the cord surface with tiny grooves to enable prevent tangling. Whenever you buy this model, you will be able to enjoy a mess free operation with the headphones.

        Comfortable for long listening sessions

        The most common issue people have with wearing the earbuds would be feeling uncomfortable after a short while. You will be feeling that there is the need to get rid of the headphones because they hurt the eyes with their edges. Such lack of comfort could easily make the powerful headphones to be ignored by many. You no longer have to feel that way when buying the MDR type. These Sony headphones are made to have a vertical in-ear design, which allows for them to feel natural when plugged into your ear.

        With headphones that feel all natural in your ear, there is so much good about it. The first thing would be that you will always feel comfortable as compared to the other models you might have used before. The other thing would be that the headphones can now be used in cases of long listening sessions. You could be travelling from one place to another, then these headphones will keep you company all the way without feeling any discomfort.

        Noise isolation capability

        Well, there are times when you can hardly hear the music when in a place with a lot of noise. It is commonly because the earphones would have not been designed to offer the noise cancellation. The MDR model does not come with a noise cancellation as a standard feature, but it is its design that for sure makes it possible to experience noise cancellation. Since it can be able to cover the possible places that external noise could interfere with sound quality, this model will get you loving your music once again. You will no longer be bothered by the external noise as it locks all that noise out.


        Sony did quite a great job with this model. It is not disappointing at all when it comes to the type of sound quality you get with the model. If you had used its predecessor XB40EX, then you would see the difference clearly. It is not just about the sound quality, but the comfort too is just amazing. You will no longer have to feel as if it is an irritation when wearing the headphones for long sessions. The headphones also cover the ear canals very well so that you do not have to worry about the external noise anymore. Well, if you like them, go ahead and buy one for yourself.


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