Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones

Sony MDR-V55 DJ Style Headphone
Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones Sound Quality
Reviewed by: Anh Vu Design
Published on: February 24, 2015 Confortable
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The Sony MDR-V55 model resembles some commercially popular headphones, so don’t be surprised if your friends mistakenly assume that you’re wearing Beats by Dre when you leave your home. That’s also one of the reasons why making headphones with a great design is a necessity today. In the past couple of years it has become socially acceptable and trendy to wear bulky headphones wherever you go. It’s no longer enough to create an item that only produces quality sound.

The Sony MDR-V55 brings clear and accurate sound while managing to give a powerful outburst of the bass without the interference of environmental noises.

If you want your product to sell itself, you need to add a mind blowing design as well. Now let’s see if the Sony MDR-V55 deserves to be labeled as one of the best headphones under $100, or they’re just a poor man’s Beats by Dre substitute.

Pros Pros
  • Modernistic design : They resemble to Beats by Dre, which are way more expensive.
  • Powerful bass : It may be unpleasant for the people sitting next to you, but if you like loud music this is perfect.
  • Clear sound :Powerful bass and clean sound. What else can you ask for?
  • Flexible : Just flip them and store them in your desk. Simple as that
  • Many choice of colors : Great design comes with great color schemes. They have two basic colors (for example black and white) and one supplementary that runs through the cord and the left earpad adding a nice touch to the whole design.
Cons Cons
  • Short cable
  • Not enough padding

More details about Sony MDR-V55

The V55 model is promoted to have DJ styling, which means that you will get a flexible pair of headphones that comes in handy when you’re on the move all the time. The earcups are reversible and you can flip them together for storage, which also makes them one of the best on ear headphones under $100.

Sony MDR-V55/WHI DJ Style Headphone

The earcups have comfortable padding, but you can’t say the same for the headband. This is not a huge issue because the V55s are one of the lightest headphones on the market weighing in at only 220 grams. This allows them to look bulky from the outside while managing to produce maximum flexibility.

Sony MDR-V55 can be used for long periods of time in a comfortable manner, but you will need to let your ears bread every now and then. They also tend to get a little bit warm after an hour of listening, which is pretty normal for all headphones of this type.

By purchasing a Sony headphone set you are ought to get a powerful bass and clear sound, which is not an exception when we talk about the MDR-V55 model. Putting the whole powerful bass thing aside you can also expect a suitable sound output for every type of music.

Increased bass power doesn’t mean that you will experience any distortion. Even if you prefer music with lots of heavy bass and turn the volume to the max, you will still get a precise sound. This is one of the many reasons why the Sony MDR-V55 are considered as the best DJ headphones under $100.

Thanks to the flexibility and the material used in the production of the design itself, the earphones are capable of blocking almost 100% of outside sounds. We can’t say the same thing about the leakage of sound, so you may have complaints from the people sitting next to you.

Video Sony MDR-V55 Review


It’s not a secret that the Sony MDR-V55 has a pretty cool design that you will immediately fall in love with. Most of the parts are plastic, but this shouldn’t bother you as these headphones are rock solid even when you increase the volume to the max. The quality of the sound and bass is top class, so this are probably one of the top headphones under $100 that you can find on the market.


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