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Sol Republic Track 1211-02
Sol Republic Track 1211-02 Sound Quality
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Published on: May 01, 2015 Confortable
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Sol Republic have created one of the coolest headphones under 100$. They’ve achieved this by adding their branded V8 sounded engine to the Sol Republic 1211-02 model. This is a strong model with modern design that produces top quality sound and will last forever.

Sol Republic are known on the market as a company that always tries to satisfy the specific needs of their customers. The 1211-02 headphone model is not an exception to that rule and features like the replaceable headband and cable only prove that.

Pros Pros
  • Top quality sound : Sol Republic’s V8 sound engine is a piece of software that incorporates the usage of a very powerful audio driver, which has the capability of producing clear and precise sound. There is a little bit of distortion noticeable when you’re using some high velocity audio drivers
  • Replaceable headbands and cable : You need to understand that this is one of the best headphones when we’re talking about the best on ear headphones under 100$ on the market. The design is not only good looking, but very functional as well. You will be able to choose between different types of earphones when you purchase the pair and you’ll also be able to change the headband or the cable after they wear off.
  • In-Line 3-Button Remote & Mic : Another feature that makes the Sol Republic 1211-02 a highly customer oriented set of headphones. For all of you that need to use the headphones for your hands free needs this is the perfect solution because of the built in microphone and remote with three buttons on which you can control the sound and answer phone calls.
  • Headband Designed for Durability : You can change the headband whenever you want, but you probably wouldn’t need to as it is one endurable piece of equipment.
    Sol Republic Track 1211-02
  • Affordable price range :When you consider the level of customization that you can achieve while being able to get top quality sound performance, you must admit that the Sol Republic 1211-02 headphones are a true bargain.
Cons Cons
  • Double earphone cable : Although the cable is replaceable and it features great functionality improving features, it also needs to be attached to both earphones, which makes the everyday usage of the headphone set a little bit annoying.

The red, the black and the white Sol Republic 1211-02 version

We already talked how cool these headphones are, but another thing that makes them one of the best headphones under 100$ is the high level of customization. There are three color schemes and every one of them is very trendy and fashionable. If you can’t decide what’s the right choice for you right away, feel free to order all three headband and cable colors, so you could mix them.
Sol Republic Track 1211-02

Video Sol Republic Track 1211-02 Review


You can’t get a better deal for this price and the quality that Sol Republic offers with their 1211-02 model. It’s no wonder that customers hail the pair as one of the best on ear headphones under 100$. The company has once again proved that the customer is always on the top spot for them. The best way to describe this headphone set is as one of the most customizable headphones that manage to offer clear and precise sound output.


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