Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

Shure SRH440 Professional
Shure SRH440 Professional Headphone Sound Quality
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If you’ve previously used some high end headphones like Beats by Dre, you may not be impressed with the Shure SRH440 model. Nevertheless this is still a top quality headphone model and the most important thing is that it provides top quality. You can rest assured that these are one of the best headphones under 100$ on the market. This makes SRH 440 a top choice for all home recording fanatics.

Pros Pros
  • Clean and balanced audio output : You won’t experience a heavy bass line coming out of the Shure SRH440’s, but they’ll still produce very precise and clear audio.
  • Functional retro design : Subtlety may not be one of the top features that the Shure SRH440 offers, but they have a quality old school bulky looking design. The construction of the headphone set is pretty stable. Longevity may become an issue after a while. This completely depends from the individual user and you can rest assured that if you take good care of these headphones they’ll last for years.
  • Detachable cable : The cable is not only detachable, but replaceable as well. This increases the usability and longevity of the pair
  • Flexible : Just flip them and store them in your desk. Simple as that
  • Low price : Shure SRH440 is targeted towards professional recording artists, but the fact is that they’re one of the best headphones under 100$.
Cons Cons
  • Heavy cable : It’s true that the cable is detachable and replaceable, but you may find it quite heavy at moments as it will wear you down while in the recording booth.
  • May feel uncomfortable after long periods of usage : The black headband is made out of light vinyl padding, which makes it slightly uncomfortable after a longer period of wearing.

Shure SRH440 Is Great For Home Studio Recording

High noise cancellation level accompanied with clear sound production is the combination that all home studio recording artists seek for. Although the SRH440 was initially created for professional studio usage, it came out as one of the most affordable headphones in its quality range.

The fact that the cable is detachable and you may replace it at any time alongside with the option to fold the earphones makes it an even better option for musicians that are on the move. Just pack the Shure SRH440 in the handy vinyl bag and carry it around from studio session to studio session.

Shure SRH440 Professional Headphone

There’s a gold plated ¼ inch adapter included in the package, which allows you to plugin the Shure SRH440 in almost any device that produces music. Another feature that makes this model one of the best on ear headphones under 100$.

Playing with the equalizer settings will allow you to adjust the sound to any type of music and the SRH440 will be able to produce top quality sound as its drivers support beats ranging from jazz to heavy metal.

Video Shure SRH440 Professional Review


The Shure SRH440 model is the first product created by this company that will try to mix all the best elements from professional studio recording headphones and the average pair of consumer headphones. This is one big step towards establishing Shure’s models as some of the best headphones under 100$.


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