Shure SE215-K Review

Shure SE215-K | best in ear headphones under 100
Shure SE215-K Sound Quality
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Published on: February 7, 2015 Comfortable
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In-ear headphones are one of the most popular types of headphones and that’s why you can find them in the grocery store for as low as couple of bucks or spend hundreds of dollars on some high end model. No matter what your choice is the most important thing that you need to keep an eye on is the quality of the sound and sound isolation.

The Shure SE215-K model is considered not only as one of the best in ear headphones around 100 dollars. They offer high quality sound for a very affordable price and are designed in a very minimalistic manner. You get the same sound quality as some of those bulky studio headphone sets that cost hundreds of dollars.

Pros Pros
  • Great sound quality and clearness : The Shure SE215-K model improved some things that were an issue with the previous model in this price range and even managed to sound better than the more expensive Shure SE425-V. The bass is controlled in the low frequency range, which allows a clear and precise output. You can say that the SE215-K model is somewhere in between the borders of low-end heavy bass frequencies and the clinical flat-response noticed with some other models.
  • Very comfortable : The whole design is very endurable and stiff, but at the same time it is very comfortable. You will not even notice that you have plastic wires on your ears.
  • Minimalistic design : The design is consisted out of two plastic housings for the earphones, which are fixated to your ear with the usage of over-ear plastic wires. You will also get a carrying case that zip-ups, cleaning tool, and an adapter if you need to use larger jacks.
  • Replaceable cable : The cable is 65 inches long and has a very thick protection that starts at the tip of each earphone. This is a very important feature because when you have the option to replace the cable you automatically get unlimited life of your headphones. Well at least until the drivers don’t die, which is a long way coming.
    Shure SE215-K | best in ear headphones under 100
  • Six different sizes for the ear tip :We’re not all the same, so the same pair of ear tips will not fit everybody. That’s why Shure provides six different ear tips included in the package.
    Shure SE215-K | best in ear headphones under 100
Cons Cons
  • Awkward fit at times : If you don’t get those plastic wires right on your ear, you may experience an awkward feeling that your headphones will fall out at any moment.

What does the Shure SE215-K bring to you?

High tech isolation technology will allow you to enjoy your sound experience wherever you are. The level of environmental sound prevention is very high. This is mostly based on the great design and the earphones adjustment feature.

Shure SE215-K | best in ear headphones under 100

We already mentioned that you will not even notice wearing this pair of headphones and this is mostly due to the lightweight materials used in the production. The SDMd (Single Dynamic Microdriver) is one of the gems that make the Shure SE215-K so special. This means that all of the sound quality is based on a single driver, which allows such purity and clearness while managing to fit in such a small package.

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The Shure SE215-K model is truly a unique pair of headphones. You will probably not find such a clear and powerful sound from other in-ear headphones for this price. The designing team at Shure has learned on their mistakes from previous models and created a top quality piece of sound carrier for low price.It desires the first choice for affordable earbud on the market.


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