Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 518

Sennheiser HD 518

Sound Quality







        • - Clean sound separation
        • - Deep and comfortable bass
        • - Offers premium build
        • - Comfortable wear with the around ear


        • - 3.5 mm adapter might not be ideal

        Sennheiser over the years has produced a number of great headphones that just get its customers talking. The company has always listened to the customer compliments and complaints, which is evident when you look at the new models of headphones. They would always be better than the previous models. The aim is to make the customers feel great when using the headphones. The HD 518 model is for sure an amazing model with many features and cheap too. The model is rated as the cheapest from the audiophile range of Sennheiser headphones. Do they sound great just like they look awesome? Get to learn more about them below.

        The design

        The design often matters to many people who are willing to spend a lot of money on headphones. The Sennheiser HD 518 might be the cheapest among the Sennheiser models, it is for sure not the cheapest headphones out there. For some people, they might even feel it is expensive. All that money you will spend on them will be rewarded with a great design. These headphones are made to completely cover your ears. The idea is to give you enough room to feel comfortable when wearing them.

        Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones Review


        Since the headphones can cover the ears, some would like that very much. Covering the ears means no more listening to the external noise. In a way, the feature acts as a noise cancellation feature. You can now enjoy your music without any interference.

        When we say they can cover your ears, some people might think it is too big and bulky. That is actually different from what you will experience with these headphones. They are made to have the right size for the user’s head and does not feel heavy.

        The style might not always appeal to people who want stylish headphones. Sennheiser did make the headphones to have a simple look whose opinion might vary from one person to another.

        Good quality build

        For the cheaper models, it is expected that the manufacturers would often just make them with poor quality material. The Sennheiser HD 518 model may be cheap, but it is made to live up to the standards of the company. The external material is plastic, which is still durable for the money you pay for the headphones. There is some cushioning on the headband to make sure that you get to experience a comfortable wear when using the headphones. For those who love to wear headphones for long hours listening to music, this could be just it so buy it today.

        Still, on the build, the product is made with open design for a great reason. The design will help with airflow into the headphones at all times. The outcome is that you forget about sweating unnecessarily in your ears and under the headband.

        You would always find the high-quality velour ear cups on the high-end models, but for this model, you still get equally impressive ear cups at a lower price. They might not be as smooth as for the high-end models, but they sure work great based on many people who used them before.


        Some people would dread wearing the headphones because of the bulkiness. Most would prefer to switch to the earphones which are often less bulky and can still offer good sound quality. However, you might not always love the earphones because of the irritation you get after wearing them for long hours. It is the reason you always come back to the headphones. To improve on its usability, the HD 518 model is made to have a lightweight design. You will not feel that it is a burden wearing the model for long listening sessions. All this is thanks to the lightweight plastic used for its construction.

        Easy to pack

        Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones Review


        If you are looking to pack it or carry it on a trip, it should be easy to do so. The 2.5 mm cable on the headphones is easily removable and packed safely. You can always put it back whenever you need to use the headphones. With a lock mechanism, the cable will be held in place so that you can enjoy listening to music without any inconvenience.

        Impressive sound quality

        As much as it is among the cheapest from Sennheiser, it definitely packs a number of great features you would love in headphones. The use of Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (EAR) technology makes it sound clarity and sonic accuracy just amazing. If you are still wondering what that is, you simply get the best sound clarity ever in headphones. With such type of technology implemented in the headphones, you will get to use it in various types of applications that work for many people.

        This EAR technology utilizes several designs of the diaphragm and other components to minimize the amount of distortion you are likely to experience when using the headphones. So, no more distorted sound, but just clear music coming from the headphones. Another thing to note is that the sound quality is maintained all through the lifetime of the headphone. It will not start to distort the output sound as it ages. It is not the same when compared to other models, which might not always offer the user a consistent sound quality.


        On overall, the Sennheiser HD 518 is a great model. If you are going to spend on it, be sure to feel it was all worth it in the end. Many people often have the issue of buying headphones only to regret later on. With the Sennheiser brand, there is often not much to regret about when using their product. The company always makes the right product for the market. The sound in the Sennheiser HD 518 gives you a great experience when listening to your favorite music. No more unnecessary loud bass that you probably do not need. With the cable being detachable, you get so much convenience when you need to move around with the headphones.


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