Sennheiser HD 429 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 429
Sennheiser HD 429 Sound Quality
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Published on: November 4, 2015 Comfortable
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There may be a lot of headphones out there but you cannot deny the fact the Sennheiser is one of the better known brands known for making highly reputable and quality headphones that you can enjoy. The Sennheiser HD 429 headphones can be considered as one of the headphones that does not cost a lot of money.

Do you think that Sennheiser HD 429 headphones are just the same with all the other headphones that are available out there? You are truly mistaken. Aside from its affordable price tag, it also gives a great sound quality – something that will not be available in other headphones within the same price range. Get to know more about this now.

Pros Pros
  • Audio Performance : If you would use it to hear music with a lot of bass sounds, you can expect that this will deliver well. It will make sure that you can still hear each word audibly without going overboard. This comes with a high – mid response that will allow both high notes and low notes to be heard well. Even the musical instruments played can also sound neutral and not over the top. This also manages to block out external noise.
  • Durability : The overall look of this Sennheiser HD 429 is actually quite simple. It has two huge ear cups which can increase the comfort level of the headphones while you are wearing them on your ears. They are built to last for a long while.
  • Wearing Comfort : Like mentioned earlier, this comes with two huge ear cups that you can place on each ear. The headband itself is made out of plastic. You can be quite sure that this is one lightweight earphone which can contribute to its comfort. You can also adjust it depending on what you think can make it more comfortable for you.
  • Convenience : Since this does not weigh much, this can be used for listening to music for a long period of time. Talking on the phone will not become a problem too since you can just clip it on and you can be heard by the person you are talking to. This is convenient to be used for a variety of tasks.
Cons Cons
  • Comes with thin audio cords which may snap if pulled wrong

More about characteristic of Sennheiser HD 429

Size and Weight

The dimensions of Sennheiser HD 429 are 9 inches x 8 inches x 3.6 inches. This is truly something that you can use over your ear and it will help cover your ear with the music that you are longing to hear. At the same time, it is very lightweight so you will not feel uncomfortable while you are wearing it even for extended periods of time.

Luxury and Style

Although the material used for the headphones are not really plush when you touch it, you can be sure that it will provide enough comfort especially when you wear it for extended periods of time. This lightweight headphone pair has a black audio cable that can extend up to the upper chest area. This will make it easy to attach it to your source of sound. This also comes with a built in remote and microphone which means that it can be used for calls as well.


Sennheiser HD 429

Aside from the fact that this has a shirt clip that can be useful if you would use it for speaking, this comes with 3.5mm socket which means that it is compatible with any gadget that has a 3.5mm socket. It also comes with an adapter if in case it would be used for headphone jacks similar to the style of Nokia. Since the plug comes just below the upper chest, this may be recommended to be connected to another cable that is longer.

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You can be sure that this can be worth it even if it does not come with the normal accessories that are expected to come with headphone sets. It sounds great and can make the songs that you normally listen to sound clearer and better than usual.

If you know that it is within your budget, you do not need to hesitate anymore. You know that you will get a lot of benefits with Sennheiser HD 429 Headphones. If you want to even lessen the amount that you have to pay, check out this product at Amazon.


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