Meet Vi – the World’s First AI Personal Trainer in Harmon Kardon HR Headphones

Vi - the World's First AI Personal Trainer


Motivating yourself towards fitness is a milestone and buying yourself a fitness tracker is really something. And with LifeBeam’s newest and bravest venture into artificial intelligence (AI), you can now officially purchase Vi, an AI trainer and our newest fitspiration who’s encased inside a bio-sensing pair of earbuds.

According to the Kickstarter page, Vi is your friend towards fitness, which means that Vi can help you meet any weight, training, health or fitness goals. Vi is designed to coach you as you go along your runs and even cycling with a personable, lively voice that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Meet Vi - the World's First AI Personal Trainer in Harmon Kardon HR Headphones

The company has teamed up with Harmon Kardon to ensure that this device is not just smart, but sounding good too.

The Technology Behind Vi

Vi’s hardware comes with plenty of biosensors, smart sensing heart rate, height, motion and even speech. Particularly, the earphones contain in-built sensors, such as barometer, a six-axis accelometer, automatic speech recognition and heart rate sensor.

That means Vi can tell you if you need to change technique while you run to achieve whatever your goals are in mind. The AI monitors all of your data and gets smarter with frequent use, thus learning all of your patterns and suggesting if you need to stop or slow down. What’s more exciting is that it even gets data from Apple Health Kit and Google Fit to get a clearer and more rounded picture of you.

She might evaluate if you are finding your exercise okay, as your heart rate drops, and asking you to reply verbally so she can give you more instructions. Basically, the workout is specifically tailored to you and the kind of state you are in at that moment.

Meet Vi - the World's First AI Personal Trainer in Harmon Kardon HR Headphones

Vi can even contact you via sending messages on your phone, just to check how you are recovering from your last workout and so you can plan your next workout session. For example, if you tell Vi that you are working for a 5K, she can set a schedule of your workout and then make sure to remind you before the next session comes up. Another thing to love about Vi is that this device also checks the weather and it will adjust your training schedule according to the results she has found.

This wearable device can also interpret data for delivering future insights such as injury prevention, running technique, weight loss optimization, exhaustion level management and adaptive training plans, stress and many more.

Is it helpful or annoying?

Well, that still remains to be uncertain but with updates of the software, she’s expected to be honed into perfection, if not, the nearest to it theoretically.

As you go through your day, you can wear the neckband to track your activity. The mics and headphones can be used for taking calls or for reading out notifications. As LifeBeam claims, the set of headphones could last up to 8 hours of use on a single charge.

Meet Vi - the World's First AI Personal Trainer in Harmon Kardon HR Headphones

Moreover, Vi also works with music, thus encouraging you match the tempo and speed up during an upbeat song. She’s also equipped with a lot of phrases of encouragement, such as “Amazing effort today”, which is automatically triggered using the data it receives and processes.

While other popular fitness trackers can also offer similar stats, like FitBit Tracker, the AI element in Vi aims to enhance connection with its users on a more personal level.

The hardware itself is really impressive and pretty interesting. With Harmon Kardon quality, it definitely would sound pretty incredible. The neck strap is sweat proof and rugged, and the earbuds has noise and wind canceling feature so that Vi will always understand your speeches. In addition, the mics are intelligently built into the neck strap, so that it directly sits just in front of your mouth.

Of course, Vi will have an Android and iOS app, which you’ll be able to use during and / or after training. This AI personal trainer was launched on Kicstarter and the LifeBeam Company targets $100,000 sales goal, but wearable fanatics have already pledged $255,000 during the last 46 days.

The first 400 customers on Kickstarter who have pledged $179 are going to get Vi headphones plus a charging case which costs $70. These customers should expect their Vis to be delivered in December this year 2016. At the launch, this bundle was set to retail for $249.

It seems like LifeBeam is also targeting customers to bulk their orders on Kickstarter as the company sells 10 pairs of Vi, plus charging cases only for $1599, which means you’ll get a discount of $891 upon making this purchase.

Nevertheless, customers who would like a delivery this year in December can still pre-order Vi, including a charging case in a bundle for $199, which is a $50 discount from its original retail price.

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