Koss UR20 Home Headphones Review

Koss UR-20

Koss UR-20

Sound Quality







        • - Cheap price
        • - Great noise-isolation
        • - Comfortable headband


        • - Short cord

        If you are an avid music lover and want to feel like enjoying live music 24/7 on your computer or even on your phone, you must be looking for the finest quality headphone. There are so many brands and models of headphones that customers find it extremely difficult to identify the ones with the state of the art technology, excellent durability, perfect quality sound, comfort of using and most importantly affordable price.

        Yes, even when you have a great budget for a pair of headphone, you can end up buying one with ordinary sound and poor durability. Just to help you out, we want to present you with a complete review of Koss UR20, the headphone model known for low price, perfect sound and long durability.

        Why Koss UR20?

        Koss UR-20 Home Headphones

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        Koss UR20 is not the best headphone for all purposes. To be specific, it is an affordable over ear headphone with an excellent quality noise-free sound perfect for home use. Arguably, it can be the best over ear headphone under $30.

        Sound Quality

        Well, most headphone brands claim that all their headphones offer great quality sounds. In fact, that is where things get difficult for the customers to know which has the best sound quality. To verify the claims, you need to know if the headphone’s technology isolates the outside noise from the sound or not. If the technology is not sufficient to block the outside noise, the sound quality will be poor. So, having good noise canceling features is must for any headphone to be a good headphone.

        Koss UR20 comes with state of the art sound canceling features to offer you near live music experience. The frequency response of 30-20,000 Hz is perfect for humans. For treble clarity and deep bass, this high fidelity stereo phone uses 16-micron Mylar element and neodymium rare earth magnet. Again, Koss UR20 comes with leatherette ear cushions offer maximum noise isolation.

        Comfort of Using

        The comfort of using is no less important than sound quality. In fact, it is the second important factor after sound quality. If there are not enough cushioning for the comfort of using the headphone, you are never going to like it.

        As you know lightweight headphones are usually more comfortable than heavier headphones. Just 1 pound weight make it highly comfortable to use. Leatherette ear cushions and flexible headband that come with Koss UR20 make it comfortable to wear as well.

        Ergonomic Design and Strong Built

        One of the primary reasons Koss UR20 is one of the best-selling over ear headphones on Amazon is its ergonomic and durable design. With price, just under $30, you can’t expect any stronger and durable headphone. As it comes with a flexible headband with sling, you can expect to have easy, single-sided listening and excellent durability. Even if you use it without being very careful, you can expect to use it for a long time.

        Perfect for Home and Portable Use

        For both home and portable use, it comes with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch stereo plugs. You get 8-foot, straight, single-entry cord. While it is intended for home use, the stereo plugs and single-entry, and long cord make it highly portable as well.


        • Highly Affordable (great value for money)
        • Great noise-isolation
        • Just 1 pound weight and leatherette ear cushions make it highly comfortable to use
        • Flexible and comfortable headband
        • Fits every ear size (unisex design and perfect for both adults and kids)
        • Can use with cell phones as well
        • Sturdy-built make it durable
        • The stereo plugs and long enough cord make it ideal for portable use as well
        • The Koss UR20 also comes with lifetime warranty


        • 8-feet cord might not be long enough for many people
        • Might not be the most stylish over-ear headphone
        • Excellent sound and noise isolation for the money but still just a decent quality sound


        Yes, there are many better quality headphones in the market, but Koss UR20 is an attractive option for its amazingly low price even after having a good number of state of the art features that are found only in finest quality headphones. While it is a good fit for professional DJs seeking great sound intensity and bass, at least you can expect to enjoy near live music experience using Koss UR20 in your home. So, Koss UR20 offers you excellent sound quality, durability, and comfort of using in very affordable price.

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