JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme
JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme Sound Quality
Reviewed by: Anh Vu Design
Published on: November 10, 2015 Confortable
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Do you think that you would need the right headphones that will allow you to get the things that you need? Searching for the right headphones can be complicated because of the wide variety of brands that are available but you do not need to search anymore because you can find JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme –Xplosivs easily. It might give you what you are searching for.

Pros Pros
  • Powerful Bass : You can expect that this comes with powerful bass sounds that can be perfect for some of the songs that you usually listen to. You can be sure that you will get great sounds when you listen to this.
  • Good Noise Isolation : Worried that you can still hear what is happening with your surroundings while you are listening to songs? You can be sure that this comes with great noise isolation that can help you out immensely.
  • Build Quality : There are some people who may not like the way that the headphones look like but they cannot say anything bad about the build quality. They may be a bit bulky as compared to the other headphones that are available but you can be sure that the cords that this can come with will not tangle with any of the other designs that you may have.
  • Convenience : You can be sure that even if the headphones look heavy, they can be lighter than the usual full sized headphones that you can see in the market at present time. They can sit comfortably on your ears so this means that you do not have to worry about the headphones falling off while you are using it. The fact that it comes with silicone ear pieces in different sizes will allow you to choose the right one for you.
Cons Cons
  • Design Not Liked by Everyone – While there may be some people who will think that the design is good enough, some people will also think that the design may be too aggressive for their taste.
  • Mids not that Great – While the bass and high sounds are good enough, the mid sounds can be greatly improved for better listening pleasure.


More about characteristic of JVC HAFX1X

Headphone Design

This type of headphones can be different from what you may expect to get from the usual headphones because you can be sure that it can be quite different from what you can expect to get. The red and black colors of the headphones can make it standout from the crowd. The logo ‘XX’ can be seen clearly at the back of the headphones.



The great thing about this is that you can be sure that this comes with 3.55 stereo straight plug that you can use with all of your Apple devices. If you have some Android devices, this can be compatible as well. You can use this for your different needs.

Video JVC HAFX1X Review



If you are searching for affordable headphones that can help you out tremendously, you can be sure that this is the headphone that you may be searching for based on the things that it can offer you and what you can get from it.


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