Jabra Elite Sport Headphones Can Track Your Heart Rate From Your Ear


Before, headphones were made to do mainly one thing, and that is to convey audio. However, these days where in there are lots of devices designed for so many separate activities, it can be challenging for some to choose the right headphone which has it all. Especially if you want to listen to music while tracking your pace during a fitness work out, but you don’t want to bring your smartphone, a fitness tracker, plus your headphones all at the same time.

Good thing, the people from Jabra wanted to condense all these things into a single device, or maybe a pair of devices. Jabra announces their very first pair of truly wireless in-ear headphones. As it will be known, the Jabra Elite Sport headphones deliver a cord-free wearing experience and it enables you to track your heart rate from just using your ears.

The product comes with a variety of ear gels plus ear wings inside the box, including foam tips for enhanced bass and passive noise-cancellation, which all aims that you get the right and comfortable fit while using the earphones.

Just like the Samsung Gear IconX and the Bragi Dash, Jabra’s Elite Sport is cord free and doesn’t use a wire to connect with the two earbuds. They are also water proof and sweat proof with an IP67 rating which means they will still work for more than 30 minutes while deep under up to 3 feet of water.

The Elite Sport headphones appear to sport all the basics we are looking for with a true wireless earbuds. It promises to carry a decent battery life which can run up to 3 hours of music playback and calls when fully charged, and comes with a carrying case that can provide the earbuds with 2 full charges, thus adding up to 6 hours of phone calls and music playback.

Equipped with four microphones—two in each of the earbuds, anyone will be able to switch between music and calls with ease, and apparently each of the earbuds also has the ability to analyze external sounds and automatically register sounds with lesser background noise when on calls.

More specifically, the earbuds containing two microphones each works to capture your voice while the other one focuses on eliminating background noise for a better and clearer quality of sound during phone calls.

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones Can Track Your Heart Rate From Your Ear

In addition, when a phone call comes in while you’re exercising or running, audio prompts and voice control lets you navigate and manage calls even without the need to touch your phone. This feature is also applicable when you are listening to music or learning some in-ear training tips. Not to mention that it is also equipped with an audio pass-through feature which allows you to hear the external world even if you’re wearing these in-ear headphones.

Moreover, just like the Samsung Gear IconX and the Dash, it is up to you if you want to use both buds or just use one side as well.

While keeping you totally cordless and free of tangles when you work out, these earbuds also analyze your physical activity by monitoring your pulse and VO2 Max levels, which rate 90% accurate or even more.

What makes Jabra Elite Sports More Elite?

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones Can Track Your Heart Rate From Your Ear

 Just like the other previous models of Jabra, the Elite Sport also uses the Sport life apps for training tips and real time coaching to keep an eye on your performance during work out sessions. The earbuds then can offer suggestions and feedbacks, like telling you to pick up the pace or slow down.

Moreover, the Sport Life app can also improve your future workouts by giving you a rundown post workout along with the data regarding distance covered, route, pace, calories burnt and many more. It also comes with support for other fitness apps for you to put your data into, which is such great news.

This high end fitness in-ear headphone from Jabra will go on sale on October 30 with pre-orders started just at the beginning of the month. The wireless ear buds costs $249.99.

Wireless earbuds have started to dominate the market even though it has proven to be one tricky innovation to execute. Although other big companies like Samsung and even Apple have the better chance of creating a truly compelling wireless earbuds, we want to know how Jabra did their job on the Elite Sport wireless earbuds.

With the company performing revamps for their Jabra Sport Pulse and Sport Coach which come with continuous and automatic VO2 Max monitoring, the world is clearly getting a serious deal about biometric tracking headphones and we just can’t wait to try a pair ourselves. If you’re interested too, why not try and jump into Jabra for more details about the wireless in-ear headphones.

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