How To Troubleshoot Common Headphone Problems

Searching for the right headphones is always a complicated task that you are expected to undergo especially if you love music but once you find the right headphones for you, you know that there is no need to search for a new one. The time will come however when your headphones will act up and you have to repair it as soon as you can.

Before you become highly frustrated because you do not know what to do and before you shell out a huge amount of money to purchase new headphones, remember that there is one more option that you can try and that is to troubleshoot the headphones on your own.

You may be thinking that you will only damage your headphones further if you would try to repair it on your own but then again, if your headphones are already damaged, do you still have anything to lose? Besides, the simple things that you can do might actually restore the sound in the other ear so you will have working headphones again.

Try to locate the source of the problem

Why do you think did one of the headphones stop working? This may be because of the cable. If in case you have not checked yet, you may want to try bending some parts of the cable. If sound is restored, this means that it is the cable that is causing the problem. If the headphones will allow you to fix the cable, this is what you should focus on now.

If the cable is attached to the headphones, you have the option to bring it to a technician who can make it work for you but if you have basic knowledge of how you can make the cable work again, you can start working on that too.

If it is not the cable that is not working, perhaps you can check out the plug. How will you know if it is the plug that is problematic? Try to push down the plug on the gadget, if you would suddenly hear a sound, this may indicate that the plug is causing the problem.

Now that you have checked out both the cable and the plug and both of them do not seem to be causing the problem, what may be another possible cause? The earpiece may be your issue. If you have an extra earpiece, you may want to attach that to the cable of your headphones. If it suddenly works then you know that the earpiece is the problem.

Fixing the Issues

Now that you have located the cause of the problem, you have to remember that there are different solutions that are available depending on what your issue is.

If your problem is the cable

You would need to figure out where the break is. Once you find it, you would need to cut the cord. See if there are some areas that are shredded, if there is any, this area would have to be removed. Do remember that the cords would have to be even otherwise, you will be causing more problems to your headphones. You need to splice the wires together in order to make it work again. You also need to solder it after so that the wires will stay put.

If your problem is the plug

If in case your problem is the plug, you simply need to purchase a new plug. The plug can be purchased cheaply from some stores. It will be your choice if you would try to repair it on your own or if you would ask a technician to repair it for you. It can be helpful if the cable can be removed from the plug and easily placed again. If not, you would need to cut the cable, strip the wires and connect the wires to the plug. Make sure not to make mistakes in order to make the plug work effectively. Again the wires would need to be soldered to the plug.

If  your main problem is the earpiece

Do remember that this can be complicated if you do not have any patience for breaking down the earpiece one part at a time. It can also be different depending on the model that you are going to use. There are also different causes of earpiece problems like loose wires or the cable. If you see that it is the driver that is causing the problem, you have the choice to purchase a new driver or to purchase a new set of headphones because the price may not be too different.


Your attempt to fix your headphones may be effective or it may not work as well as you want but remember that you will not lose anything by trying. If all else fails, you may bring the headphones to someone who can repair it for you or make this your excuse to purchase new ones.

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