How To Clean Over Ear Headphones Correctly?

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Headphones are very essential for any person that loves listening to music at any time. They are used very often and are usually exposed to a lot of dirt and germs. There are in ear headphones and over ear headphones. Over ear headphones are preferred because better sound quality is produced. It can be quite heavy on the ears and may get dirty very quickly because it come with contact with sweat very often. It is very important to clean all the ins and outs of headphones especially the ear tips and ear buds of all in-ear headphones and headsets, including the fine mesh screens on each ear bud. This helps to ensure the best audio performance. Even a small amount of debris can cause the sound to fade or cut out altogether.

Dirty headphones can be a source of poor performance and bad sound quality. They might also harbour germs. At the very least, they look grubby. However many people do not know how to clean over ear headphones properly. Although, there are various online tutorials on how to clean over ear headphones, one has to really be guided in other not to spoil the headphones. Here are some ways to clean them

Step 1

The first and most vital step in cleaning over ear headphones and other headphones in general is to unplug the headphones from whatever device they’ve been attached to.Do not attempt to clean attached headphones while they are in use; there is a risk of electrical shock or breakage if you do so. Also check for any naked wires or cables, this can pass electric current through the unplugged over ear headphones and still cause electric shock. Some electric shocks could actually land you in the hospital or cause death if it is not controlled, and that is the last thing you want.


Step 2

Gather some warm water, preferably warm water, a little dish washing liquid (as gentle a detergent as possible), a spray bottle and a soft cloth or rag. These are the basic materials needed for the cleaning for the over ear headphones.



Step 3

Mix the water with one drop of dish washing liquid.Stir thoroughly with a spoon or spatula or just your finger.

Step 4

Pour the soapy liquid formed into a spray bottle.


Step 5

Place the ear headphones on a clean surface.Spray the cleaning cloth with the cleaning solution. Then rub the ear headphones with the dampened (not wet) cleaning cloth or rag. It is better to use a dampened rag or cleaning cloth to clean over ear headphones because using a wet rag might allow water sip into areas you may not know. This can cause electric shock when plugged into device. It can also distort sound quality or cause the headphones to spoil earlier than normal.

  • Apply a little pressure on dirty spots, to rub them away.
  • Tougher spots can be treated with a little rubbing alcohol, but only if needed




Step 6

Wipe the soapy water residue off with a dry clean cloth or paper towel.Allow to dry. It is important to wipe off the soapy water immediately, to prevent a film from forming or to avoid causing any water damage.

Done. You have successfully cleaned your over ear headphones. Once, it is dry, you are free to use it again.

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    I like how you said that headphones are essential for a person who loves listening to music. For me, it’s the truth. I was raised taking music lessons and listening to all kinds of music. My headphones are my life. I take them to the gym, to school, to work, and pretty much everywhere. Getting them cleaned is something that will be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Dude thank you, I have been looking forever for what to use. I use my over-ear headphones at the gym so they tend to get dirty pretty fast. Bless you

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