Meet Vi – the World’s First AI Personal Trainer in Harmon Kardon HR Headphones

Vi - the World's First AI Personal Trainer


Motivating yourself towards fitness is a milestone and buying yourself a fitness tracker is really something. And with LifeBeam’s newest and bravest venture into artificial intelligence (AI), you can now officially purchase Vi, an AI trainer and our newest fitspiration who’s encased inside a bio-sensing pair of earbuds.

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Jabra Elite Sport Headphones Can Track Your Heart Rate From Your Ear


Before, headphones were made to do mainly one thing, and that is to convey audio. However, these days where in there are lots of devices designed for so many separate activities, it can be challenging for some to choose the right headphone which has it all. Especially if you want to listen to music while tracking your pace during a fitness work out, but you don’t want to bring your smartphone, a fitness tracker, plus your headphones all at the same time. [Read more…]