What is Audio Gain?

What is Audio Gain?

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When working with amplification equipment, we often misuse the terms gain, loudness, volume and level etc. Maybe that’s because we often see them or at least 2 or 3 of them on the same equipment. However, these terms are interrelated but have different meanings and that can easily be confused into one another. [Read more…]

What is Digital Audio Out?

What is Digital Audio Out?

In this modern age that we are living in, analog audio is a thing forgotten. While there are still industries that use this type of system, most modern technology depend on digital options. As a matter of fact, modern day audio and video equipment works in decoding digital audio, recognizing its benefit in providing better sound as compared to older analog formats. [Read more…]

What is Treble Sound?

What is Treble Sound?

The treble sound refers to actual tones with which the range or frequency is at the higher range of human’s natural hearing capacity. Simply said, in music, this refers to the “high notes”. The use of treble clef shows the notation of the notes. Some examples of produced treble sounds are those that come from piccolos, guitar tones, and others. [Read more…]

What Size is a Headphone Jack?

What Size is a Headphone Jack?

A headphone jack is otherwise known as a phone connector, audio jack, phone jack, or jack plug. It is a member of a family of electric connector generally used for dealing with analog signals, including audio.

A headphone jack has a cylindrical shape, usually with two to five contacts. As with the history of a headphone jack, it was invented with the purpose for use with telephone switchboards back in the 19th century. Down to this day, it is still used widely. [Read more…]

Comprehension About Noise Cancelling Headphones


Music lovers all over the world are usually dissatisfied whenever they are listening to various songs because they are unable to hear the sounds properly. This is due to outside noises that may interfere or truly block out the sounds.

For instance, have you tried listening to music while you are on the plane? Perhaps the headphones that you used then did not cancel out the noise. Instead of the songs that you were supposed to listen to, you heard the roar of the engines instead. Perhaps the experience have allowed you to realize that you should use noise canceling headphones at the soonest possible time. [Read more…]

Overview About Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

There are a lot of people who are interested to know what wireless headphones can do. Wireless headphones are similar to regular headphones. They can be used in order to listen to the various songs or audio. The main difference of wireless headphones is that they come with a radio frequency receiver. This means that even without a wire, you can still listen to the headphones with ease.

One of the benefits of using a wireless headphone is that the place where you are going to move is not going to be limited anymore. Of course, you have to be around the place where the transmitter is located. If you go too far, you will not be ablet to hear anything anymore. This can be ideal when you are travelling because you need not worry about the wires getting all tangled up inside your bag. At the same time, cordless headphones can be easy to plug in to various gadgets that you may have as long as the jack of your headphones are applicable to a lot of gadgets. [Read more…]

The History of Headphones

If you would be told to tell all the headphone brands that you know, how many will you be able to say? You have to remember that there are different headphones that are being used and there are different ones that are meant for every person’s budget and needs. Even if you have already found the one that you need, it does not mean that you should not be curious about the history of headphones may work.


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What type music will give best quality sound?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are some who consider the high resolution music as the best way of possible experiencing music. Although this may be right, it is also worth giving the ALAC, FLAC, 320 MP3s and CDs a try as these can really sound good. Before getting down in to any further details, you need to understand that the gear used in recording, mixing and mastering music determines the quality of the resulting music. In addition to the machines, the artistry together with the skill possessed by the engineers responsible for the production also plays an important role in the sound quality of that given piece of music. These factors are of far much importance in the production of music than what the release format does. [Read more…]