How To Replace Plugs For In-Ear Headphones ?

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Plugs are limited commodities. They do not stay polished and conductive forever. Anyone who is a regular earphone shopper will tell you that every couple of years, give or take, earphones will need to be replaced. Below you will learn how to replace them properly. This will require some effort and technical know-how.

You are going to use a knife or a pair of scissors in conjunction with a burning match and a hot soldering iron. All possible safety precautions must be taken for both yourself and your surroundings.  Choose a well-ventilated space to perform the soldering process.

The Tool List – Things You Will Need

  •  A replacement jack (earplug) for the broken earplug
  •  Either a wire cutter, pen knife, or scissors
  •  Some matches and a gas lighter
  •  A vice grip device to ensure safety during soldering
  •  A soldering iron and wire.

If you do not have a clue how to solder, do not panic. Head over to this link – how to solder – to learn how to do it right, following all needed safety precautions.
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How To Use In Ear Headphones Correctly ?

Most people put on a pair of headphones and complain that the sound is not as good as the product packaging said it would be. A good number of them have most probably put the headphones on in an incorrect manner. No wonder the sound output ends up being pathetic and uncomfortably imbalanced. A tight, loose, or improperly placed pair of earphones can lead customers to believe that they were cheated of their value for money.

Below you will find ideal tips on how to use in-ear headphones correctly.

Step 1 – Find The Right Size

Everyone’s ears and heads are different in size and shape. You need to pick the right headphones, a pair that sits well in both ears. You might remember seeing silicon and foam lined ear pads on some headphone brands. They are sized differently to suit different ear types. If you see that your in ear headphones do not have foam ends, it is probably a good idea to seek out a manufacturer with better quality products.

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Tips to choose the best wireless headphone



The popularity of wireless headphones is on a steady rise. Being wireless, the headphones are hassle free and easy or rather simple to use. Many love them because it eliminates the frequent tangling of wires that may end up being damaged. With the emergence of Bluetooth and Kleer among other advanced technologies, there are all reasons why you need to acquire one for yourself. Before you buy a wireless headphone, there are some few things that you need to understand which can help you choose a best wireless headphones. These are as follows: [Read more…]