How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

In these days wherein convenience is celebrated, we have said goodbye to the use of clunky, big headphones. Earbuds have completely changed the way we view and wear these devices. Earbuds are light, snug-fitting, and fit right into our ear canal. This means that music is directly channeled into our ear.

As such, earbuds have the capacity to block noise coming from the outside, and generally do not interfere with our accessories such as earrings, hats, glasses, or even our hair. However, there is a tendency for these earbuds to fall right out of our ears, especially if they are not fitted properly, or while doing other activities such as running.

There are several ways in which you can possibly keep your earbuds from falling out. For one, you can simply try out different sizes, or even buy extra accessories or items that can force the earbud in place.  However, if you already have one in your possession, and would want to learn how to use them, here are some tips that can help you

Use a Tight Cap or Headband

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

What makes about the use of a tight cap or a headband specially is that it can also make you look fashionable, aside from just making sure that your earbuds stay right in place. With this, you just need to properly insert your earbuds. Pull the edge of your ear up using your fingers, thus opening up your ears. As you do so, insert your earbuds and release your ear.

Next, remove the cover of the earbud, and replace it with one having a larger size. Most manufacturers provide some extra cover sizes along with your purchase. Place a tight hat cover or headband to cover your ears. This will help in keeping your earbuds in.

You may also want to purchase an accessory that can easily be attached to your earbud, fitting over right in and behind your ears. These accessories can help in keeping your earbuds in. Among the accessories that you can use include ear-shaped covers which can fit better tightly. They can be purchased either online, or at electronic and sport retailers.

Wrapping Earbuds Over the Ear

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

If you do not have any hat or headband with you, you can easily wrap your earbuds over your ear. As a matter of fact, this is the easiest method that can keep your earbuds right in place. This may turn out to be a little silly, but it works amazingly, and saves you money as compared to buying extra accessories. You may also create your own hooks out of twist ties.

If you do not want to end up looking stupid, especially if you are traveling, you can try some other similar solutions. For example, you can put them upside down. This will make the wire go above the tragus and not below. Then, you can just wrap the wires at the back of our ear. This is perfect if you jog, which often causes the earbuds to slip out because of the sweat.

You can also try another option by simply flipping the parabolic earpiece, facing outwards. After, you can wrap the part that is flat, using a thin tape, flipping the earpiece back in place, observing if it fits better now. In order to adjust further, you can simply adjust the number of tape layers to see which one fits best for you.

Size Really Matters

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

In order to make sure that your earbuds fit right into your ear, you also have to make sure that you have the right size of the ear tip. Check the package that comes with your earbuds, most manufacturers come with different sizes of silicon tips and foams that can help you choose the right fit.

As a tip, keep in mind that one ear may be a little bigger compared to the other, so you may have to use another size in every ear. On the other hand, if you got your earbuds without any extra ear tip of foam that is supposed to come along with it, you can purchase extra accessories that are available in stores.

Choose Earbuds that are Designed for This

If you are still planning to purchase a set of earbuds, you can opt for those that have been designed in a way to make them stay in your ear. For example, Apple came up with a patented design for earbuds that do not fall out of the ears. This has been designed especially for those who use them while exercising.

The patented design describe the earpiece with a design of a bendy outer part, forming right into the ear of the user. While it may not be described as completely revolutionary in the field of earbud design, but it is already a step away from the usual earpiece design that falls off the ear quite easily.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the tip mentioned above that you are planning to use, the ultimate goal is to make sure that your earbuds stay right in place. If you are still planning to buy one, you can consider the design of the earbuds so that you do not need to make adjustments later on. If you already have one, the use of some accessories will help you as well.

7 Ways How Music Can Enhance Your Exercise

7 ways to enhance your excercise with music

Having regular exercise is proven to give a lot of benefits. That is why health experts would always recommend that you take the time to allot a few times per week for exercise. When you have regular exercise, it can boost your cardiovascular health, improve mood and can significantly reduce your stress level. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to exercise. Some just simply lack motivation while there just exercise once in a while. One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself is to use music. Knowing how music can enhance exercise helps you use it to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Research Studies: How Music Can Enhance Exercise                 

There have been various research studies conducted that explore the link between exercise and music. In fact, it started way back in 1920s and up until today, continuous research and studies are being conducted. Based on the article published by Dr. Robert Sewak, even just a minor change in the tempo of music can significantly affect your level of exercise. Scientists found out that when you exercise with music, the heart rate changes as well as the metabolic rate. Your level of mental and physical stress is reduced.



7 ways to enhance your exercise with music

1. Music gets you in the mood

One of the main challenges of getting yourself to exercise is the fact that sometimes or even most of the time you find it difficult to be in the mood to engage in a physical activity. It always happens especially if you have tremendous busy schedule or you have a lot of things to do. You can always find different excuse just because you do not feel like exercising. But when you listen to music especially those tracks that give you that healthy and upbeat vibe, it gets you more in the mood which makes it easier for you.



2. It boosts your effort

And since music helps you get in the mood, it boosts your effort. You tend to exert more and to work hard more. Have you experienced that feeling when you are on a treadmill or any exercising equipment at the gym and you find it really dull and boring? Chances are you feel like you just exercise because you are forced to and you need to which defeats the purpose. In as much as you want to achieve your body goals, you also need to enjoy. If you are into bodybuilding, aside from taking multivitamins it helps that you add music to your routine to increase your exercise efforts.

3. It makes you feel more energetic

With all the things that you need to do all throughout the day, sometimes there will come a point where you lack the drive and the energy  to exercise. But once you start listening to music, you start the grove and it makes you feel more energetic. It is as if you are running back to life and you feel invigorated. That is why even when you are not exercising it helps that you have your portable music player with you so you can play your favorite song anytime you want and it gives you that extra energy you need to last.



4. Music helps you get in the zone

Once the music kicks in, it helps you get into your zone. In so many ways, it can be a good distraction. It doesn’t matter even if the exercise routine is really tough and challenging. When you have the right music to play, it gives you that extra boost to do whatever it takes. Whether you are in the gym or whether you are doing other physical activities, it just significantly helps you get into the ready-for-exercise zone.

5. Music can get you motivated

The decision to finally exercise regularly is easy. But what makes it difficult is for you to be consistent in your efforts. And this is where most people fail because they lack consistency. The main reason is the fact that many simply do not have enough drive or just lost motivation. To get yourself motivated is to constantly remind yourself of your personal goals and the use of music whenever you exercise. Although you may think it does not have such a big and direct impact but when you use music it makes you feel much more alive and motivated.



6. Good beat keeps you in the right pace

Music whatever genre it is has its tempo and beat. And whenever you exercise as much as possible, you want to be in the right pace. This is where having a good beat comes in. You may not be totally aware of it but when you want to have the right pace for your exercise you simply choose the best kind of music. For instance if it is a hard core or rigorous workout then you choose more upbeat songs. If you want to slow down a bit then you can play songs with slower tempo.

7. Music wants to make you move

Music once you hear it has an impact on your brainwaves. So if you are listening with songs that have faster tempo and stronger beats, you cannot help it. You just feel like grooving and moving. That is why if you feel lazy you turned on the music to get things going. Listening to music will make you want to move.

Exercise has tons of amazing benefits for your over-all health. And to be able to achieve your health and fitness goals, you really need to allot time and exert effort. Nothing comes easy especially when it comes to having a fit body. But there are ways to make it more fun and to motivate yourself to work hard more and that is using music. It adds life and it makes it more enjoyable to exercise. With the right music and balanced diet, you can surely achieve your goals. So take with you your portable music player and fill it with songs that will make you feel like you want to exercise.


How To Use Headphones With Xbox 360

How to Use Headphones with Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 supports different types of headphones, from wired to wireless headphones. It also supports two types of wireless headphones that include the ones which do not have the Bluetooth capability and the ones that have. In this article, we will explain each of the methods you can use to connect your headphones with your Xbox 360, regardless if it’s wired or wireless.

Connecting Wired Headphones to Xbox 360

How to Use Headphones with Xbox 360

Here are the steps on how to connect your wired headphones to your Xbox 360:

  1. Turn the volume of the headphone all the way down. Before you put on your headset, you must first make sure that the volume is turned all the way down so that you won’t hurt or damage your ears.
  2. Plug your headphone to your Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox 360 controller has a 2.5mm jack at the central bottom part and this is where you plug your headphone.
  3. Using your headphone. Put on your headphones prior to starting a game. Upon the start of a game, slowly increase the volume of your headphone until you reach a level that is comfortable to your ears. Take not that the headphone you have inserted only generates the voice chat sounds. In-game sound and music will not be heard in your headphones.
  4. Headphone troubleshooting. Headphones not working properly must be inspected and, if needed, cleaned. You must also check the connection ports of the controllers and headsets as dirt may have accumulated in these areas. Use cotton balls with rubbing alcohol or other appropriate cleansers to clean the connectors and ports of your Xbox 360.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to your Xbox 360

How to Use Headphones with Xbox 360

Here are the steps on how to connect your wireless headphones to your Xbox 360:

  1. Make sure to charge your wireless headphones before using it. You can charge your headphone by plugging the charging cable to the USB port on the Xbox 360 and the other end into the port of your headphone. In order for your headphone to be charged, the Xbox 360 console must be turned on. Alternatively, you can use an AC power adapter to charge your headphones. Most headphones can be used while it is being charged but it is strongly recommended that you charge it fully before using it.
  2. Turn on your Wireless headphones and your Xbox 360. To connect your wireless headphone to your Xbox 360, you must turn on your headphone and press the connect button on your console. You will also need to long press the connect button of your headphone for about 2-3 seconds in order for the console to detect it and connect it afterwards. Now your headphone is connected to your console and also to your controller. The headset has a light indication that will allow you to recognize which controller it is assigned to and the connect button on the headphone allows you to switch to different controllers.
  3. Adjust the volume to your liking. Now that your headphones are connected to your Xbox 360 console, you can just turn the volume up or down by pressing the “+” or “-“ sign in the headphones. It is important to take note that higher volumes can damage your ears or cause hearing problems in the long run.

Connecting the Bluetooth Headphones to your Xbox 360

How to Use Headphones with Xbox 360

Here are the steps on how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox 360:

  1. Update your console. In order to use your Bluetooth headphone, you must first update your Xbox 360 operating system to the latest version. The update is available through Xbox live and requires an internet connection.
  2. Charge your Bluetooth headphone. First you have to make sure that your Bluetooth headphone is charged. You can simply plug it into your Xbox 360 and wait for a couple of hours. Just plug it in your console even when not using it so that it will be ready when you need it.
  3. Connect your Bluetooth headphone to your Xbox 360. Most of the time, your Bluetooth headphone will connect to your Xbox 360 automatically when you charge it using your console. But just in case it did not connect then do this following step. You have to turn on your Xbox 360 first and then push the switch on your Bluetooth headphone until it is in Xbox mode.
  4. Press the Connect button on both the headphone and console. Upon pressing the power button for about two to three seconds, the lights will flash green and you will hear a startup sound. Upon hearing the sound, you should press the connect button on your headphone for about two seconds. If the green light on your headset flashes three times then your connection is successful and you will now be able to use your Bluetooth headset while playing.

Connecting headphones to your Xbox 360 is quite a simple task. Confiding with your headphone’s or Xbox 360’s manual will almost always help you in doing so. As long as the operating system of your Xbox 360 is updated and there is no faulty in the wiring and hardware of your headphones, connecting it to your Xbox 360 will always be successful. You just need to be guided by the steps provided above and more often than not, you will not find any problem in performing this connection.

Should We Use Headphone While Driving Car?

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Although wearing headphones while driving a car isn’t technically illegal, this is definitely a very dangerous activity as it increases your risk for car accidents and other serious injuries.

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Tips on Keeping your Headphones in While Swimming


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Isn’t it annoying to enjoy the first couple of laps in the swimming pool and see that your right earbud falls off, filling your ear with water? You may have given up finding the best ones. The good news is that, there are ways in which you can keep your headphones in while swimming. Take note of the following tips so that you can focus on your swimming more.

1. Do Trial and Error

During the initial uses of your headphones, you certainly do not know which fit suits you the most. With this, all you have to do is to have some trial and error done. Headphones usually come with different sized ear tips. You can start by using the largest size which can fit right into your ear. [Read more…]

Tips on Choosing the Best Pair of DJ Headphones


DJ headphones

Among the most important pieces in a DJ kit is a pair of DJ headphones. To mix music well in a set, create your music, or just listen to your favorite music, the best pair of headphones will certainly enhance the entire experience.  If you are a DJ, your headphones definitely need to meet a set of requirements. As such, the following are some tips that you can take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best DJ headphones.

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