Beats Studio Wireless Not Getting an Upgrade this Year

Beats Studio Wireless

Just a few weeks ago, Apple-owned Beats has new improved variants of their older models of wireless headphones, but it appears that Beats Studio Wireless series is not getting a new family member this year.

What were released so far?

Beats have already rolled out enhanced versions of the Beats Solo3, Powerbeats3, Beat X and Beats EP, but up until now there was no sign for their Beats Studio Wireless. This top shelf model of wireless headphones are highly sought after as it sports superior noise cancelling features and an impressive over-ear design.

This is bad news for audiophiles out there who are saving up for a new pair of Beats Studio Wireless for the holidays of 2016. Previous speculations had been circulating that there would be new additions to Beats’ wireless headphones on the market, to line up during the holiday’s shopping season, but that’s totally not happening at this point.

It is somehow shocking to know that the high-end wireless headphones is getting a hold back this year as it certainly makes a popular present this coming holidays, especially with the release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. On a related note, the Apple Company has just caused a stir lately when they launched their newest models of smartphones without the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Beats Fails to Improve Studio Wireless’ Battery Life

According to a source, CNET reports that the Apple Company doesn’t plan to upgrade their Beats Studio Wireless line up of headphones “anytime soon”, which means that people will definitely have to wait to see the new version of the headset. Would you like to know the reason for the postponement of the new release? Read on.

Beats Studio Wireless

According to the report, the reason for this is that the company was not able to improve the headphone’s battery life. With not being able to enhance the battery life of the accessory, Beats don’t see any good reasons to release a new upgrade of the headphones.

It appears that Beats are dedicated to delivering improvement in terms of battery life not just with Beats Studio Wireless, but with all of its new headphones. In this case, the company still cannot guarantee the improvement for the new Studio Wireless headphones.

It’s worth mentioning that all of the other new releases of Beats showed a significant improvement in battery life. That’s mainly because of Apple’s cutting edge technology in its low energy W1 Bluetooth chip.

Just to give an example, the latest variant of Beats’ Solo3 Wireless is packed with a battery life that extends thrice longer than that of its previous model.

However, Beats fans who seek for the best noise-canceling headset will sure frown to know that the Studio Wireless gets the cold shoulder.
Beats Studio Wireless

The existing model of Studio Wireless Headphones feature an extended battery life that can last up to 12 hours when connected over Bluetooth and up to 20 hours when plugged into iOS devices. But according to the company, W1 can’t provide any battery boosting benefits on the Studio Wireless’ active noise canceling feature as it consumes more of the headphones’ battery life.

It is no secret that Beats has other more budget friendly sets of headphones, such as the Beats EP or the Beats X, and Apple’s Earpods that are sure to satisfy most customers. But those who are truly peculiar regarding the quality of sound will definitely agree that it is what the Beats Studio Wireless is known for.

On a brighter side, Beat’s truly has a good reason to postpone an update to their Studio Wireless. The next upgrade will definitely be worth the wait as it will surely sport new additional features and a better battery capacity.

Beats Studio Wireless Still Conquers with Consistent Increase of Revenue

It appears like Beats and Apple Company is not really in a hurry on releasing a new update to the Studio Wireless, not that it is needed at this point. Even though the headphones are over a few years old already, Studio Wireless solidly registers increased sales.

It is certainly good news that the fans of the Beats Studio Wireless can still avail last year’s model but at a lower price, in which one now only around $299 in Amazon and may be even cheaper via other retailers. It is just like another good way of saying that those who want to avail the Studio Wireless can now have the advantages of getting a good deal from buying a less expensive headphone, while at the same time, not worrying about the new model to come out soon.

While Beats Studio Wireless is really such a solid headphone offering, you might still want to explore other alternatives to this top shelf pair of headphones. Other options include Sony H.ear Wireless or the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless which also offer longer battery life and other exciting features.

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