Why Apple Ditched the Headphone Jack for the Iphone 7

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The standard 3.5 mm headphone jack has been around for nearly 150 years to connect headphones into other devices, but Apple thought that now is the time for a real change.

So, it’s already official: the iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a headphone jack. Instead, if you’d like to listen to music using your new iPhone 7, you will have to use either a wireless pair of Bluetooth headphones or plug in new Lightning-based set of headphones via the charging port of the device.

This has caused quite a stir to iOS fans as the downsides are discernible. Almost everyone owns speakers, headphones, as well as other gadgets that use the universal 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Removing this important connection would surely render these aforementioned devices useless and unusable.

But Apple insists on making a change. Ditching the standard headphone jack could be the next step in their non-stop quest to make all of their devices, such as their iPhones, to be simpler, thinner and more reliable. They are betting that even though you’d hate this change so much, you’re going to crave for the new iPhone 7’s sleek look that you’ll be forced to get one anyway.

Why Apple Ditched the Headphone Jack for the Iphone 7

Apple also implies that the ubiquitous headphone jack was the bottleneck for the improvement of headphone designs and their audio quality. Schiller even argued that ditching the headphone jack was indeed a courageous act to make on Apple’s part. Moreover, the shift to Lightning connector provides opportunity for third party companies to explore new designs and features for future headphones themselves.

And while Apple yet has made another history, customers were unhappy especially when big changes come to their beloved Apple products. However, the company is positive that after a few months of protest, customers will accept and embrace this change.

This Is Not the First Time Apple Did Something Like This

It can be remembered that Apple has been making a lot of changes to its own products for the last two decades and that’s became the main reason for the company’s success. Now, they’re betting that this brave move can pull off the same trick another time.

Since Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in the year 1997, the company has been removing several features from its products, just like with his major product announcement: the iMac. Apple’s iMac came out with colorful and curvy case when most computers that time were rectangular and universal in color.

Why Apple Ditched the Headphone Jack for the Iphone 7

But the most controversial thing made by Apple that time was when they eliminated the floppy drive for the iMac, which was then one standard part of all Macs and Windows personal computer. They have also removed other several ports back then and replaced them with what we use now, the standard USB.

Sure, customers grumbled over the changes, which for example rendered the data saved on their floppy disks obsolete. But it all worked fine in the end and even strengthened the technology nowadays.

Maximizing Battery Capacity of the iPhone 7

Obviously, Apple is really making a statement when they eliminate something on its products. And it uses the same logic with their newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. Removing every little-used drivers and ports makes more room for batteries, thus enabling each Apple device with longer battery life.

And because Apple aims to make each new iPhone to be thinner and handier than the last, it appears there is the need to cut less necessary components and that’s what happened why they ditched the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Why Apple Ditched the Headphone Jack for the Iphone 7 

Furthermore, Apple is also making all the ways to compete with Android manufacturers of water proof phones, thus making the iPhone 7 more watertight with fewer holes. In this case, less holes means fewer inlets for water to soak in.

The iPhone 7 also comes with a new pressure sensitive home button, instead of the mechanical type usually found in other iPhones, thus removing yet another hole in the case of iPhone 7. As the company claims, iPhone 7 is the most water proof phone available.

All this abrupt changes would only mean one thing. Over the next coming years, millions of people are surely going to purchase an iPhone 7. And at once, they are going to shop different accessories that will work with the latest iOS smartphone.

In proportion, dozens of gadget companies will also start creating headphones, converters, speakers and other accessories compatible with phones without headphone jacks on it. This process will definitely become chaotic at first. But by the next coming years, companies will be filling store shelves with more iPhone compatible accessories and products.

This is one obvious advantage of Apple compared to its Android competitors. When Apple sets a new standard, a lot of companies are certain that millions of people will embrace these changes, while when companies like HTC or Samsung announces new features for their phones, some customers are just likely to refuse it because there are lots of Android phones available in the market.

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