AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones Review

AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones

AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones

Sound Quality







        • - Comes included with a studio adapter
        • - Well-balanced audio output
        • - Highly comfortable ear pads
        • - The headband can be adjusted
        • - Get impressive bass
        • - The headphones last for long


        • - The mids could benefit from a boost
        • - Hard to find a replacement for XLR plug

        For studio headphones, the sound clarity has always been a major concern for the buyers. Well, today all that will change when you experience the sound quality produced by the AKG K 240 headphones. These headphones have been quite popular since their release, as many did not expect to experience such clear sound quality for an affordable headphone model. You cannot simply compare it to what you get to hear from other models in its category. A lot of research and design time must have gone into this model to make it achieve such great tonal balance. For this and many other reasons, you can now understand why it is among the top studio stereo headphones.

        Review of AKG K 240 MK II headphone

        Comfortable wear

        To make its sound output better than its close competitors, the manufacturer made it using varimotion XXL transducers. The manufacturer also included a comfortable design so that you can always have an easy time wearing it. The semi-open design gives you the comfort as the same as wearing an open headphone, but still experience the bass and sound quality of a closed design.

        AKG K 240 MK II


        Do not let the large design make you think the headphones are heavy. They are made of lightweight materials that make them feel light when wearing them. You will not be feeling that it is a burden to wear them for a long time during the recording session.

        For additional comfort, the manufacturer made the headphones have an adjustable headband. This means that you get to wear it just the way you like given that it feels comfortable. The headband also contours to the shape of your head for additional comfort.

        No more sweaty ear pads

        Sometimes you might have experienced the issue of sweaty ears when you cover them with headphones for a long time. That problem will not be experienced when wearing this model. The model has leatherette pads shipped together with it for additional comfort. You can switch between the velvet pads and leatherette pads based on your comfort needs. The two pads prevent you from feeling that the ears are all sweaty due to being enclosed for a long time. Switching between the two pads is easy, although a little force is to be applied to get it done.

        Sturdy construction

        AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones


        When you buy the AKG K 240 headphones, the common expectation would be that they last longer. Not many people would want to invest a lot of money in a product that cannot deliver on their durability needs. The headphones are made of materials with decent durability. That being said, it does not mean they cannot be destroyed, but taking good care of them is always a reward. You can use them for years and they would still work correctly. If you check out the other responses from different buyers online, they can all agree that the headphones have served them well over the years.

        Sound quality

        For headphones to be used for studio recording, the sound quality always has to be on point. The overall sound quality of the headphones is quite well balanced and still clear too. The bass sound is quite a selling point for these headphones. You will always feel the power of the bass sound when wearing the headphones. The highs are also pleasant with the same headphones. The mids on the other hand could use a boost to match the performance of the bass and the highs. Well, it is not something that you will not as being bad, but the manufacturer could have done a great job for the mids too.

        The headphones offer a flat response to its audio output. With such a response, the model is best suited for audiophiles applications and also studio professionals. For other applications, you might want to get other headphones that offer a much tailored response. You might not always note the differences until you get to listen to the same song in different headphones.

        It is best suited for studio applications

        There is no doubt that the manufacturer had a lot of time into designing a product that could deliver on the needs of many people who needed studio headphones. The headphones have generated a lot of traction in forums and other review sites for being really good for studio applications. This all comes down to a number of features implemented by the manufacturer that make them all great for such applications. The semi open design has been a great feature for the headphones as it promotes comfort. Your ears will not feel as if it is a burden to wear such types of headphones for long periods.

        The ear pads are also made to be breathable so that it feels comfortable when using the headphones for a long time. You would also easily communicate with other people in the studio thanks to the design that comes with the headphones.


        Whenever you get to use the AKG K 240 stereo studio headphones, you experience so much. Starting with its sound quality, you can expect it to deliver the best sound quality need for studio applications. Many professionals would agree that the sound quality is quite impressive for its category and price. Well, it is just about the sound quality, but the appearance is still great. Among many users, its appearance gets a high score showing that people love the way it looks. Let us not forget about the comfort when wearing the headphones. The ear pad and adjustable headband make it all great for comfort that will make you enjoy wearing such headphones over long periods.


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