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1MORE Triple Driver
1MORE Triple Driver Sound Quality
Reviewed by: Anh Vu Design
Published on: Aug 15, 2015 Confortable
My Rating 4.5 Stars


I was introduced to this 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones with In-line Microphone and Remote by someone who swears to the quality of this headphone. This is my first time to use an in-ear monitor. 1More is considered as one of the best acoustic developers of headphones in China. The Triple Driver model has been recently introduced to the American market, and is seriously being accepted with wide open arms by those who are interested in good quality entertainment.

This model is named because of its unique combination of a dual balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver which can pump even the lower end of the sound scale. It is also a model that has all the features needed to be qualified as part of the upper class category, both inside and out. It comes with several impressive features, but one that I really like is its sound quality.

Features Review

Sound Review

1MORE Triple DriverIf I were to give three words that best describes the sound of this headphone, it would be crisp, clear and smooth. This model is really balanced sounding, complete with the right level of clarity, heft, spaciousness and smoothness. They are also special sounding and as such, they can be euphoric when connected to your device. The treble it produces is clear and smooth as silk. It is not really sibilant compared to its Dual Driver predecessor. This makes it possible for you to listen using it for hours, not worrying about irritating your ears due to the treble barrage.

Noise isolation is highly dependent on its fit. Given that you have the right fit, this model has the capability to isolate almost completely. However, what I notice though is that through excessive use, there were problems with the seal of the foam tips, which usually leaks the sound from within. I also tried using this model in a very noisy environment, and I observed that it was quite good in shielding from outside noise.

This IEM is designed to be able to deal with different types of modern genre of music. Unlike other options, this model deals with different frequencies at a balanced level. It offers a lot of bass and drive push without the guilty feeling of having your ears punched with extra bass pressure. Since it comes with a small hole in its housing, it relives that extra bass pressure, making it feel comfortable to use still.


1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

The cable is wrapped with a woven fabric material starting from the jack, going to the Y-split. Starting from the Y-split going to the housings, a rubber material is used. The Y-split also uses a gold piece with a barrel shape, with aluminum that is quite similar to its housing. It also comes with a jack with a straight design and a gold tint aluminum jacket which matches the entire design. The strain reliefs are also adequate rubber pieces.


1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

Six inches down the housing, there is a three-button remote/microphone. This feature has been designed for Android devices. As such, I find it easy to play, pause, answer calls, skip tracks, activate voice controls, as well as hang up calls using the center button. With this, I can easily control the volumes using the up and down buttons.


This earphone is also design for use with cable down. As such, they may be looped over the ear, though I personally feel that it was quite awkward. With the cable down, I find the fit really nice. The round housing also rests on the lower part, thus removing the pressure of the edge, making it very easy to wear and comfortable for hours. The only thing I noticed is that with this position, the microphonics become noticeable. On the other hand, with the cable up, the microphonics are eliminated virtually. At the same time, the isolation is quite average using a universal in-ear monitor.

Compatibility With Others

After spending several hours with this headphone connected to my phone, I have decided to use them with my other gaming systems, such as the Original Sega Genesis, PlayStation 4 and a Nintendo 3DS. I was pretty amazed that the audio quality is just as clear and crisp.


  • Stylish: The style of this headphone is quite elegant. There are sketches inside the case which are really great addition to its overall design.
  • Fit and Functional: the earphones are really comfortable, even minus the use of tips. Keep in mind, however, that the width of the sound/canal tube is longer compared to the Dual Driver model.
  • Emphasis on Packaging: one feature that was given real attention is the packaging of this packaging. It comes with an elegant, yet simple look. As such, the moment you open it, you can see a nice pace change. There are different boxes that feature a pouch where you can put your headphones. At the same time, you can also find a well-designed card where you can see the differently sized ear tips that is included in the package.


  • Not so affordable price:  at a price near 100$ in Amazon, this is definitely not the cheapest headphone there is. However, if you consider the price as compared to its package and features, you can be assured that every penny spent will be all worth it. It is a combination of comfort, sound quality, and a mixture of all other different features.

Video 1MORE Triple Review


The 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones with In-line Microphone and Remote is an impressive hybrid. The sound and packaging is presented in a way that exceeds expectations from the price. I have an Android device and it fits really well with this headphone. I can definitely recommend this to other people. As a matter of fact, you can easily feel the assurance knowing that the headphones can deal with hard use as you wear them, put them inside the pocket, all thanks to its Kevlar reinforced cable. At the same time, it can also withstand more than the average tugging and pulling, in contrast to other cables that are weak in this point. Overall, this headphone hybrid is no doubt one of the best out there!


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