Top 10 Best Headphones Under 100 For You In 2017

best headphones under 100

I have had a passionate love for headphones since I was young. After years, I collect all my feelings and appraisals on best affordable headphones here with best headphones under 100. Hope that the following experiences of mine can help all of you guys to find out which is the best cheap headphones for your own.

Brief Review For Top 10 Best Headphones Under 100

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x | Best over ear headphones under 100
Sony MDR 7506 Professional
Audio-Technica ATH-M30x

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x | Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x | Best over ear headphones under 100buybottom

Type: Over ear headphone
My Rating:4.7 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Clear sound : ATH-M40x will provides for you best experienced with clear and detail sound.
Great design : The design is very simple but bring to you a secure, higher comfort and look very professional.
The earphone can rotate and pack the set in a small pouch
After couple of hours of active usage you won’t feel any discomfort.
Traveling : ATH-M40x can swiveling and foldable. All will sure to suit for vacationing. [Read full our review for more detail]

2. Sony MDR 7506 Professional

Sony MDR 7506 Professionalbuybottom

Type: Over ear headphone
My Rating:4.6 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Lightweight – The design of Sony MDR 7506 looks heavy but it’s really lightweight. And when you going to travelling then MDR 7506 are a suit choice for you.
Great Bass Response – Sony MDR 7506 will bring to you good quality sound with a lot of bass. It’s is the reason why Sony MDR 7506 still exist until now.
Noise Isolation – This is plus point of this headphone. You will not worry about the sound of outside when listen to music.
Very Easy to Customize – This is the best headphones that I used to know about customize ability. You can customize this headphone by your style. All is really easy.
Clear and Detailed Sound – The quality sound that you will be listened more value than the price you will pay to buy this headphone. It’s very detail as many level. [Read full our review for more detail]

3. BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphonesbuybottom

My Rating:4.1 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Best bluetooth headphones under 100
Design – We can’t deny the fact that one thing that attracts us the most in some gadget is the design of the device. This Bluetooth headphone set has an amazing sleek and chic design. They appear quite costly and pretty cool to own. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing the headset also has a lot of other features crammed in it in. The cord has a stop or start button that serves for the purpose of playback or hanging up calls.
Premium stereo drivers – Another feature that makes these headphones stand out among their competitors is their amazing premium stereo drivers, with which you can experience a nice bass, pronounce mids & vibrant highs
Active noise cancellation – This feature is very unique to it you can always rely on these terrific active noise cancelling headphones for stifling the noises outside and just have the things you desire to listen to heard.
Color – Tan tinge, Black and Silver colors are also available in this model. But to be honest, the best color if you would ask for my opinion is tan or golden. This is a rather unique color, as it has its own grace
Highly Compatible – The compatibility of this amazing Bluetooth headphone set is undoubtedly the best, it connects flawlessly with all devices for instance iPhone, iPad, tablets, other smartphones, computers, and almost all android devices. This headphone set gives a tough competition to its contenders in the field like leading headphone brands e.g. Bose, Beats, Monster, Sennheiser, Olufsen, Skullcandy, bang and Jaybird.

4. Bluedio R+ Legend – Best wireless headphones under 100

Bluedio R+ Legend - Top 10 best headphones under 100buybottom

Type: Wireless headphone
My Rating:4.1 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the

Great sound qualityBluedio R+ use PPS8 technology with 8 driver unit. This technology will produce high quality sound. Don’t any product on the market can give the same quality sound at the same price.
Flexible connectivity – You will not worry about connection ability of Bluedio R+ because this headphones use both plugin and Bluetooth method to connect.
Support many audio formats as FLAC, MP3, WAV and AAC
You can listen music between 25-28 hours. Very impresive.
Great design and very comfortable – With plastic and chrome element make R+ look like very cool. Additional, nice padding on headband will
guarantee as much as comfortable. [Read full our review for more detail]

5. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 Probuybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Accurate and clear – HD 280 supports wide frequency range. This thing will give you a clear and accurate sound. You will always hear a natural sound.
Clean performance – Sennheiser HD 280 uses audio driver with high quality which makes this headphone produce a clean sound.
Easy replaceable – All component as earpad, audio cord are easily replaceable. This thing help the headphones can exist for a long time.
Very comfortable – Lightweight and simple design will bring to you a comfortable when using for long time.
Reduced ambient noise : Close-ear design help HD 280 reduces noise from outside and up to 32dB attenuation. [Read full our review for more detail]

6. Sennheiser RS120

My Rating:4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Wireless– One of the rare wireless headphones with such a simple way of charging.
Light– You will not even notice them hanging on your head.
Comfortable – Different padding results with more
Top notch sound quality – Clear and precise sound that doesn’t go too heavy on the bass.
Transmitter base is also a battery charger
Built-in volume control – Located on the left earpad. [Read full our review for more detail]

7. Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 558 Headphonesbuybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Produces Very Clear Sounds and Increased Bass – You can be sure that depending on the songs that you love listening to, you will be able to hear each distinct sound with ease.
Sounds Blend in seamlessly – You may have had the experience with other headphones wherein you can immediately tell if the sound is coming from your left or right headphones but with these headphones, the sounds will blend in seamlessly and the experience can be quite different from what you have experienced before.
Twist and Lock Single Sided Cables – One of the main issues of people when they are using headphones is the fact that the cables might get tangled with each other. When the cables get tangled up, this decreases the chances of the cables lasting longer like they should.
Field Strengthened Neodymium Ferrous Magnet System – This is highly optimized to ensure that the headphones will be better than others in the same price range that you have tried before.
Long Cable – If you are the type of person who is into listening to headphones when you are at home then the really long cable can be very helpful for you. As you can go to various parts of the house while listening to your headphones.

8. AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones

AKG K 240 MK IIbuybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market
Comfortable build – The design of any headphone is quite important for anyone looking for a comfortable fit. This model is designed to have a semi-open structure that should feel comfortable when wearing and still experience the best sound out. The design is also great when you have to wear the headphones for long periods.
Solid construction – The headphones are made of a solid construction to ensure that it can stay for longer. They might not be indestructible, but they will for sure serve you for a long time to come if well maintained.
Clear sound – With these headphones, you can actually enjoy listening to your best tracks with ease. The sound clarity is impressive and well balanced. The bass is still pleasant so that you can feel it is worth all the money spent on it.[Read full our review for more detail]

9. Audio-Technica ATH-M30X | Best cheap headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 buybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

Using 40mm driver help ATH-M30x reproduce a good quality sound and bass.
Top quality build and endurance – It is hard to believe that you will ever need to change the cord or the adapters.
Lightweight when compare with ATH-M40x and ATH-M50x. This weight will really bring comfortable when you wear them on the head.
Cord is very length to adapt all your demand.
This headphone is very suit for who work in recording field. [Read full our review for more detail]

10. Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones

Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphonesbuybottom

My Rating:4.5 Stars
A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

DJ style – The design is very strong
Powerful bass – This is most impressive feature. The bass is very powerful and that is reason why it is labeled as DJ headphones.
Flexible – Easy to fold and store them in your bag or your desk.
Many choice of colors -Black and White color for your choice. [Read full our review for more detail]

Types of Headphones

Headphones are the best for those who have desktop, laptop computers and mobile devices. While smaller versions are great for jogging, exercising or going out for a walk or between locations, over the ear headphones and other types are great for indoor on-the-chair use. Let’s explore all the types of headphones out there:

# Over The Ear Headphones
Designed to fit around your ear – which is why they also call it circumaural headphones – a pair of these can make all your comfort dreams come true. They cover the whole ear, thereby providing ample sound transfer and amazing effect for all-round entertainment. It’s the reason why many people use record player who want to have a over-ear headphones to give best sound experience.

Do not confuse these for on-the-ear headphones (which we will look at next). Over the ear headphones have padded cups that fully enclose your ears and their price range can be anywhere between $40 to $300; they are worth every penny. Some best headphones under 200 for your choice. If you don’t want to pay more money then a purchase for best over ear headphones under 100 dollars is best choice. Philips, Sony, Audio-Technica and Sennheiser are some of the big names who dole out several excellent circumaural headphones.

# On The Ear Headphones
These too mean exactly what their name suggests. They go right on the ear and do not enclose it fully. This can, however, cause a slight press on your ears, which can be uncomfortable for people with particular ear shapes.

Often on the ear headphones have a tension design that holds them tight to your ear so they do not slide off or tilt the wrong way. While this pressure sits well on some ears long term use of on ear headphones can hurt. Your ears could get sore because of the pressure; inconvenient and uncomfortable.

# In The Ear Headphones
They have sometimes been called earbuds, which gets them confused for Q-tips but other than that in ear headphones are an outdoor favorite. With interesting themes, colors, and ear canal grip designs (‘fringed’ is one example), anyone who loves listening to the radio, music, or indulging in a phone call while exercising (cardio and gym), traveling between locations and hiking love in ear headphones.

Some people will find in ear headphones a bit of a chore because they keep falling off. A commonly approved technique will be to loop one wire over the back of your neck and take the remaining wire over the ear and place the bud in your ear canal. The other one can hang normally. This way there is little jerking and they will not fall out.

From keen bass to balanced stereo sound, in ear headphones are a good choice. Sennheiser, Blaupunkt, Apple, LG, and Jabra are some brands to check out. For best in ear headphones under 100 dollars then Bose and Shure will respond all your demand. Refer to best earbuds under 100, best earbuds under 50, best earbuds for running post for detail.

# Noise Canceling Headphones
These live up to their name and as soon as you slip them over your ears the world’s noise just goes out. This does not mean that noise canceling headphones press tightly against your ear. They have specialized padding that cuts external noise coming into the audio output chamber.You have different headphone types coming under this category. You can buy either over the ear or on the ear headphones that have noise cancellation capabilities. Click best noise cancelling headphones under 100 to see our collection.

# Wireless Headphones
You have absolutely no wires to worry about. These headphones are not called wireless for nothing. As alluring as they sound, wireless headphones are not all they are made out to be. They do not have a steady power supply. Sooner or later the power is going to fail and you will need to recharge it. What if this happens when you are on the go and not capable of recharging your wireless headphones? Another problem is that they lose signal when they are away from the source. But you have multiple channels to alter your frequency to. Wireless headphones are stylish, though, and are quite attractive. Our suggestion for type wireless in the best headphones under 100 dollars is Bluedio R+ and Shennheiser RS 120.

Using Headphones At Work Place Is Good Or Not ?

Are you considering on whether to use the headphones at work or not? Let’s read this article to known more about the good and bad points that the headphones will bring to you as below:

Good side

# No distractions
Using headphones at work place is not a bad habit because some people use it to block out distractions. While working on a serious project at work, to avoid chatting up with friends or other social talks, some people use headphones to totally concentrate on the work. This aids them to work faster and more efficiently in their office especially if it is a general office shared with various colleagues.

# Motivation
Using headphones at work could also be a source of motivation and inspiration to a worker. He could be listening to a motivational audio message or an inspirational message that is giving him the strength to keep working harder. He could also be listening to the latest news if it is broadcasting company or a blog he manages.

# Spare time
If you are less busy at work, during your spare time, using headphones is not a really bad idea because it is not stopping you from carrying out any official duties. It helps rid a worker of idleness and boredom which leads to careless talk and gossip. You might actually gain something useful from the audio you are listening to during your spare time.

# Personal space
Using headphones at work place is also good because it gives you the ability to watch or listen to something without disturbing the person working next to you. If you are on break or not given any official duty, and you have something to watch or listen to; not using headphones might distract your colleague or slow down his work pace. Hence, it is essential to use headphones in such case.

# Creating self workspace
While working at home, using headphones helps you create your work place. All the other duties that you also do at home will be suspended because you are in a different zone entirely. Kids, spouses and others will not even come to disturb you. You would not find yourself bothering about what is for lunch, going to the groceries etc. Its helps discipline you to sit and complete a job before getting up.

Bad Side

# Negligence
While using headphones at work, you might be called by your boss or senior colleague and you would not respond because you did not hear. This can look like negligence of duty on your part and lack of concentration. If you are a receptionist or someone that relates with customers or clients, using headphones might seem like a rude attitude because you may not notice when a client walks in, greets you or asks you a question.

# Query
Some managers or bosses can really get angry when you use headphones and can issue you a query. Getting a bad work record because of the use of headphones is really not worth it. It is therefore not advisable to use headphones at work places because it can cause a strain between you and your boss despite your good work in the office.

# Bad human relationship
If every worker in a company used head phones at the work place all through the day, no one would even know the names or addresses of their colleagues. Using headphones at work place breaks relationships between colleagues. It makes workers so insensitive to the people they work with and this is not a good working environment.

# Health hazards
Many workers spend about 6-9 hours at their work place daily. Using headphones at work place will mean using the headphones for a really long period of time. According to medical research, long hours of use of headphones cause radiation health challenges. Listening to audio at loud volumes constantly also causes headache and can cause damage to the ear in the long run. If during work hours, headphones were not used; this will save people a good number of hours of deteriorating their health conditions.

# Sensitivity to Environment
If while using headphones at work, something dangerous or fatal happens at your work place, you may not know because you are distracted by the headphones in your ear. You may not even hear the fire or safety alarm go off; you may not hear a distress call or shout or you may not smell a foul odour in time. This might actually leave you trapped in the office building if you didn’t hear the alarm go off or when people were evacuating and this is dangerous to life.

You probably should consider these when next you are contemplating on using your headphones at your work place.

How to clean your earbuds?

Do you think your earbuds will bring bacteria to you? We believe that you pull it in and out of your bag, on the table … with several times, but you even don’t think about keeping them clean. It’s the reason why the earbuds can transmit bacteria from person to person, and this may even cause ear infections if they’re shared. So, how to clean them and what’s the best way? Obviously you can’t clean them like washing clothes or shoes. There are some suggestions, we think, are useful for you:

  • Use a gentle cleaner, like soap and warm water.
  • Use a soft cloth with a small amount of the soap mixture. Too much soap and too much water is not good because it may harm your electronic equipment.
  • When there’s a lot of dirt in the metal part of your earbuds, try brushing them with a dry toothbrush to dislodge the dust.
  • Some earbuds have silicone covers with removeable, so try removing them and cleaning those separately.
  • Never submerge them in water. You’ll damage the wiring.
  • Only clean your earbuds when they don’t work.

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